I visited my mom for a week. This is a summary of what I ate during the week (with pictures!)


My mom made some Korean mandu / fried dumplings for brunch:

We had some ice cream from Graeter's (Mason, OH) as an afternoon snack.
My chosen flavor was chocolate:

My mom made some delicious chicken akni (Indian rice dish) for dinner:


We ate at Soho Japanese Bistro for lunch. I had a bento box of chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura:

My mom made some Korean kalbi with tofu and beansprouts for dinner. For some reason, my mom said she thought I liked kalbi that wasn't sweet, which isn't true; I like a very sweet kalbi. So, unfortunately, it just tasted salty:

I ate a Melona bar at home for dessert... and I ate at least one every day for the week:


My mom made some yummy egg drop rice cake soup for lunch:

We had some octopus with dinner:


We went out to eat at Asiana Korean Restaurant (West Chester, OH) for lunch. Unfortunately, their kalbi was more salty than sweet, too :( :

For dinner, my mom brought home some chicken shawarmas from Chateau Beirut (West Chester, OH):


My mom and I went out to eat at Dao Modern Asian Cuisine (Mason, OH). My main meal was an udon noodle soup:

I also made some red velvet cupcakes from Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and with ChocoMaker marbled chocolate curls on top:


My last full day with my mom made some kimchi and pork with leftovers she had, and she also brought home some chicken bulgogi from Asiana Korean Restaurant:


I was sooo stuffed during the most of the week with my mom. Each time I got full, my mom would tell me I wasn't eating enough and that I should eat more... which resulted in lots of overeating. So, after a week with my mom, I was definitely ready to come back home. :)

View of the sunset from the airplane


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