Dumplings from Asiana Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Sides from Asiana Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Beef Kalbi from Asiana Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Grilled salmon teriyaki from Asiana Restaurant, West Chester, OH

My mom took me out to eat at Asiana Resaurant in West Chester, OH. I ordered my favorite Korean foods: Beef Kalbi/Galbi and dumplings / mandu. My mom ordered a lunch box combo that came with grilled salmon teriyaki.

The dumplings / mandu were pan-fried vegetable dumplings, and they were nice and crunchy. I couldn't really tell what vegetables were in it, but it was delicious.

The kalbi came out nice and sizzling. However, the taste of the kalbi was more salty than sweet; it wasn't as sweet as I would have liked. A lot of the beef was either fat or bone so there wasn't much meat to get out of it.

My mom's grilled salmon teriyaki was cooked very well and wasn't too dry. The teriyaki sauce also wasn't very sweet, but it went fine with the salmon.

The meal came with the usual Korean side dishes and rice. There were six side dishes, I was very happy to see fish cake among them. I looove the slightly sweet taste of fish cake so, not surprisingly, that was my favorite side dish. I also enjoyed the kimchi since it wasn't a sour kimchi, and it was nice and slightly sweet. The remaining side dishes had mostly a salty taste and were a little too salty for me.

Overall Rating:
Food: Dumplings, Kalbi, Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo
Source: Asiana Korean Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Rating (Dumplings): Delicious
Rating (Kalbi): OK
Rating (Salmon Teriyaki): Good
Rating (Fish Cake & Kimchi Sides): Delicious
Rating (Other Side Dishes): OK


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