Box of Bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Steamed Dumplings
Bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Steamed Dumplings, microwaved

After trying the Bibigo mini wontons from Costco, we tried some of these Bibigo steamed dumplings. According to the instructions, the only way you should cook them is using the microwave. The dumplings came in a little tray that gets microwaved for two minutes.

Like with the wontons, some spots on the dumplings were a little dry after microwaving, however, the steamed dumplings also came with a sauce. The taste of dumplings was very similar to Bibigo's wontons, just in a dumpling wrapper instead of a wonton one. It still had a Korean mandu taste with a dominant green onion flavor. Sometimes when you bite into one, water squirts out... so make sure you have a plate.. or at least a paper towel.

If you add the sauce, it adds a nice light, sweet flavor to it, which I liked. On their own, they were just OK, but the addition of the sauce definitely made these better for me.

Update (Nov. 2016): I had this rating at "good" intially, but the more I have these, the more tiring they get. I still have trays sitting in the freezer that are not seeming appealing to eat, so I'm lowering this rating to "ok".

Overall Rating:
Food: Bibigo Steamed Dumplings, Chicken & Vegetable (Frozen)
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK (without added sauce)
Rating: OK~Good (with sauce)



REVIEW – Bibigo Chicken Steamed Dumplings from Costco (Frozen)

  • samson

    these dumplings are sacks of pure bullshit and the adds are even worse

  • Marlene Y Vidibor

    So you can pan dry them safely? Microwave only scared me. I don’t own a microwave.
    Thank you. I just put them in a non stick pan with a little water and some canola oil. They defrosted and cooked up nicely . then I removed the liquid and browned them flipping them. Some of the dough fell off but no biggie. The sauce tasted just like the dumpling sauce from Chinese restaurant. I got them from Instacart at Price Chopper. Hope they have them again

  • CHE

    I bought this product at Costco. Unfortunately it’s ingredient listing includes “yeast extract” and autoly3d yeast extract” (an MSG-like ingredient). It takes a lot of MSG or equivalent for me to have a reaction, but this product certainly caused the headache, dizziness, clammy feelings, temperature variance, and sleeplessness. It must contain a lot. Tasty enough product but why – in this day and age – would any responsible company continue to use this poison? Shae. Bottom line – if you have ANY sensitivity to MSG, this product is NOT for you. I’m out a sleepless night of discomfort plus the money I spent on this product that I’’ll now have to throw out.

    • Herbie Fraser

      MSG is a completely fine ingredient that, like salt brings out flavour in food. It is no worse than your average salt bought from supermarkets. Just because you have an allergic reaction to something it is not poison. If i enter a five-guys i cannot sue them for the use of a poisonous ingredient in their food just because i, like so many others am allergic to peanuts (five-guys use peanut oil to fry most or all of their menu. MSG brings out flavour in food that may not have the freshest and most flavourful ingredients, for example frozen food, prepacked cooked meals and take-away food.

      • Kelly Yang

        I had headache, a little dizziness,and ring finger numb on my left hand after I had one tray of these dumplings, I never had this feeling before, once I had these bad feelings, I drink a lot of water, and fruits which made me feel better, now my husband told not to eat it again anymore

      • Master Cook

        Not true. Many people have adverse reactions to Monosodium Glutamate. It’s not an opinion, it’s fact that it is not good for us at all. It’s basically a poor-man’s substitute for too much salt. Almost all Chinese restaurants in he USA now advertise that they use no MSG or offer the option of MSG-free servings because so many people are sensitive to the stuff. Food processing companies that have a high regard for their clients eschew the stuff. Perhaps Bibigo would be better served using better ingredients if they want to appeal to the non-Korean market.

  • Betty Anderson

    We are fans of dumplings. We love these. We will be buying more if Costco keeps providing them.

  • Lolo

    These were B.A.D. won’t ever buy again. Yuck!

  • Yolanda

    I love these! Put in the microwave with a little cup of water or you can steam them if you like. Taste wonderful with their sauce if you add a little Asian chili sauce and soy sauce. It’s a yummy fast meal for work lunch or fast, easy appetizer for dinner. Will return to buy more.

  • I like to eat dumplings :)

    these dumplings are similar to soup dumplings, so tip for the next time you eat them, place a spoon under the dumpling, nibble on the top until you get an opening and suck until you get all the juice, then add the sauce and eat it. it’ll be like a combo meal in one bite, its awesome!

  • Meivin

    I am returning to Costco for a refund. Not for me!

  • kelly johnson

    These are so wonderful when friends come over unexpectedly. I only wish they would include more dipping sauce. It is just never enough.

  • Carol Sue

    I love these dumplings, but…I pan fry them, they test so much better that way!

    • Marlene Y Vidibor

      So you can pan dry them safely? Microwave only scared me. I don’t own a microwave.
      Thank you.

  • Ben Horowitz

    How do you heat the sauce for the Bibigo frozen dumplings? No instructions on the box.

    • Max

      It has a soy Sause taste and you can let it sit out until room temperature or microwave just a few seconds so you don’t pop the pack.



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    ANN ARBOR, MI 48103

  • Lynn

    I tried them when they were giving out samples at the store. Loved them, took some home, and my husband loved them too. I’m sure we will be buying them regularly.

  • PacoBell

    How did they get dry after microwaving? Did you remove the plastic before heating?

  • Steve

    Sorry, I wanted to like them. They suck.
    Go out and eat them at your favorite restaurant.

  • MC

    Update (Nov. 2016): I had this rating at “good” intially, but the more I have these, the more tiring they get. I still have trays sitting in the freezer that are not seeming appealing to eat, so I’m lowering this rating to “ok”.

  • janis

    I love love these

    • MC

      Couldn’t agree more, these are so good and I can’t find them anymore at my Costco… I’m addicted. They make the perfect quick meal / snack.

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