Box of Ajinomoto frozen Tokyo Style Chicken Shoyu Ramen
Cooked Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Chicken Shoyu Ramen

We tried some of Ajinomoto's frozen Chicken Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen from Costco.

The box of ramen contained four frozen noodle bowls, individually packaged… which is nice because it means one less thing to be washed in the dishwasher. :P

Following the instructions, a frozen ramen bowl was super easy to prepare… just fill water up to the fill line in the bowl and microwave it for 5-6 minutes. The only thing of note is to spread out the water a little bit when pouring it over the noodles or the noodles might end up getting clumped.

The ramen broth tasted pretty good; it had a light soy sauce and chicken broth flavor. The corn was also sweet, and the noodles were a little bit al dente.

The picture of the bowl on the box was actually somewhat accurate (in terms of the count of each item) -- the ramen soup came with exactly one piece of broccoli, five-ish pieces of chicken, two red peppers, and a little bit of corn and carrot, along with the noodles.

Even though it all tasted good, there wasn't enough for a whole meal for me; I was still hungry afterward. The soup could have used more of everything -- chicken, vegetables, and noodles.

And it probably isn't a good idea to drink all the broth, either. Even though the broth tasted good and didn't taste too salty to me, one bowl of it contains 96% of your USRDA of sodium.

Overall Rating:
Food: Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Chicken Shoyu Ramen
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Chicken Shoyu Ramen (Frozen)

  • Buttockss

    It has more sodium in it then the whole Atlantic Ocean,Would not recemend to anyone with high blood presure or exploding heart disease. Was discontinued in China because the rats wouldn’t even eat it.

  • Karen Sikora

    Why is Costco the only place to purchase this item.
    Totally unfair…cannot afford their membership dues account on ss and have limited funds.

  • Adele S

    I really love these Ramen bowls EXCEPT I’ve had a couple of really bad tasting chicken pieces in each of the bowls that I last bought. I spit them out – that’s too bad and should never happen – but other than that I really like these bowls. Great comfort food! But what’s with the rotten tasting chicken pieces??!!

  • Dawn

    Absolutely delicious! It’s my go to breakfast at work and keeps me sustained until lunch time. This is better then the new ramen restaurant that opened near us, and way less expensive. I run to Costco to buy jus this often.

  • annie

    The sodium content is 1850, way over the recommended amount for elderly and for people with high blood pressure. It was a mistake to buy this box.

    • Jason

      I think that the majority of the sodium will get left behind in the water. It’s a soy sauce so I’d imagine most of it stays behind, but it would be nice to know exactly how much.

      • Jason

        Replace water with broth*

  • Roxanne S

    I love this Ramen, I normally go for Ramen as often as I can, but when I can’t go it usually sucks. But then we tried this Ramen, it’s really good with China Lily Soy Sauce added to it too. It’s definitely not too salty, especially for someone that actually adds salt to their food normally. If you’re of the sort that believes that you shouldn’t add salt because all the packaged crap has salt in it already, you’re probably not going to enjoy it…but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t had any problems from having salt in my diet. Bought from Canadian Cost-Co in Alberta Canada.

    • Roxanne S

      Also, this is definitely better than any other Packaged Ramen I’ve ever had.

  • melissa

    hey . thanks for this review….. i throw away the box and didnt remember the instructions.. but thanks to this awesome review i was able to eat it…. :D thanks

  • Kei

    No Japanese person can eat this noodle for the second time. Texture is all wrong. Ajinomoto is a respected company and I don’t understand how they can put this product out in public. Huge disappointment.

  • Susan

    I bought this a few times at my costco and then it was gone. Best Ramen I’ve tasted aside from a good ramen restaurant. I’ve had shitty ramen at restaurants too. I really miss it. I’ve called costco begging for its return.

    • Shibiwan

      It’s back at Costco in a “new and improved” version!

      • Cheri Groom

        Sadly, it’s not improved. I would pay good money to find the old ones. The new recipe doesn’t have corn & broccoli. It also has a different flavor. I thought Costco was buying from a different company but now I understand that its the company that changed their recipe

        • Truhls

          Had the same problem. I loved the old version, but the new version the noodles are fluffy and almost soggy compared to the old ones. The broth isnt quite as good as before. The chicken is the exact same though, and then the new bowl has an indent in the middle to lower how much they can put in a bowl. They went from 4 in a box to 6, without changing how much was actually in a box. Dont think ill be picking these up again.

        • Sam

          It doesn’t have broccoli anymore, but it definitely has corn. It also tastes exactly the same to me. Other than the lack of broccoli, the only difference is they now come in slightly smaller bowls. Six to a box instead of four and you nuke them for four minutes instead of five. Still delicious!

  • Toni

    My go to favorite and for the past months Costco has not had. I need more!

    • Scott

      Keep checking. Our Costco stopped carrying them a while ago. I check the Asian frozen aisle every week and they had them again just last week. I think it might be a winter/cold weather thing. Bought three boxes. LOL Now, instead of having four bowls per box, there are six smaller bowls. Same stuff, though. Maybe that will help all the namby pamby weak asses here crying about too much sodium per bowl.

  • Ale

    I only bought it because I was craving Ramen and wanted to try it out. I’ll never buy this again, it was much too salty.

  • Denise

    This ramen is absolutely delicious. It’s the next best thing to going to a good noodle house. I have purchased about 12 boxes of these over the past several months. My husband is half Japanese and I work for a Japanese company. Everyone who has tried it has loved it. As for the salt, it isn’t that bad at all. My Dad’s (who is 83 yrs old) doctor told him that all the freaking out about salt is a bunch of hooey. Dad still jogs 3 miles a day and skis in the winter. He puts salt on food before even tasting it. I highly recommend this ramen. It’s like Japanese soul food. And besides, as the late comedian Sam Kinison said “When you get to the point where sugar and salt kick your butt, it’s time to get in the box”.

  • Paul L

    Waaaaay too salty. What’s really bad is if you don’t realize the nutrition numbers they list on the box is only for half a bowl, as if they want to hide the rediculously high sodium content (one bowl is really one serving, not a half a bowl).
    Deceptive and disgusting. Don’t ever buy this product.

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