Bag of Foster Farms Tequila Lime Wings
Plate of Foster Farms Tequila Lime Wings

I decided to try the frozen Foster Farms Tequila Lime Chicken Wings from Costco as a quick, microwavable food to have on hand. They were pretty easy to warm up - the directions state to microwave 8 wings on high for 7-9 minutes from frozen (basically 1 minute per chicken wing), so I microwaved 6 wings for 6 minutes.

The Tequila Lime Chicken Wings tasted pretty good. They had a faint citrus lime taste, but the dominant flavor is a savory, almost peppery taste. I have never had tequila, but maybe the pepper taste is from the tequila? The chicken wings were also a little bit sticky from the glaze, but not super sticky like honey BBQ wings, and they also weren't super saucy like buffalo wings.

Overall, it's a nicely balanced chicken snack.

Overall Rating:
Food: Foster Farms Tequila Lime Chicken Wings
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $12.49 sale price, $15.99 reg price
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Foster Farms Tequila Lime Wings from Costco

  • Pat

    Has the recipe for these wings changed? They do not seem to be the same as before and they are not as good.

  • Disappointed

    The hot and spicy wings have triple layers of fat. They were the worst wings I have ever eaten.

  • Paul

    Add me to list of people who love Foster Farms Tequila Wings.
    Costco should carry them all the time. Is there food store in Southfield, MI or greater Detroit area that carries this product.
    Desperate in The D.

  • Rita

    Went to Costco today and could not find my favorite wings which are the Foster Farms tequila lime chicken wings! Please bring them back that was the main reason I was going to Costco! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! 👍

  • Karen

    We love these wings. I can’t eat the hot wings and do not care for the bbq ones. The Tequila lime wings and I love them. I have had parties which everyone who has tried them enjoyed them and always asked where to get them. Costco usually carried them when I needed them and I would buy at least two bags at a time. I have a call in to the corp. office to find out why we can’t get them.

    • Jackie

      Love these too & just found out why they don’t usually have them here (Chicago Suburb) We were told they only get them in here for the Super Bowl

  • mike l

    Excessive fat, grease and tons of salt made these wings unedible. Ate two and tossed the rest. Blech!

  • Lisa H

    I love them too I wish Costco would carry them all the time

  • Ron

    I am going to return these wings to Costco the meat what little there was of it tasted ok. The wings themselves were about 60 % fat , just terrible I know you can do a better job because I have bought Tyson honey dipt wings and they excellent very little fat. No more for me

    • Lisa Hunt

      I’ve never had that problem

  • Alex

    I love Tequila Lime Wings! Most of the same product are breaded, these are not !!!!!! it’s just perfect! Very good receipe, but…………………………….. for last three month I could not find them in COSTCO, 5 locations in Los Angeles were out of my favorite product! My question is – where else can I buy Foster Farms Tequila Lime Wings?????

    • GrubPug

      Unfortunately, I believe the Tequila Lime Wings are only sold at Costco. Sometimes Costco brings back products after taking them off the shelves, so there’s always a possibility the Tequila Lime Wings might come back to your Los Angeles-area Costcos… but who knows if or when that would be. Sorry! :(

    • Christopher

      I’m in SoCal and my local Costco has stopped carrying these as well, much to my dismay. But I’ve been able to find some at smart n final so you could give that a try.

  • ScooterMo

    Costco on White Rock rd in Rancho Cordova has these. I bought some today.

  • Rev. Michael V.

    We are desperately trying to see if any of the AZ Costcos carry the frozen bags of “Foster Farms Tequila Lime wings”. They are incredible, and we would travel from Sacramento, CA to any Costco in AZ just to purchase cases of these delish wings!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes I was able to find these in stock at the costco on grant road in Tucson, AZ. These wings are highly addictive. I’ve been craving these for 2-3 years since the first time I tried them.

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