Chicken shawarma in foil from Chateau Beirut, West Chester, OH
Chicken shawarma from Chateau Beirut, West Chester, OH

My brother had visited my mom earlier in the year and HAD to have shawarmas during his visit. So when I visited, my mom grabbed some chicken shawarmas for me, as well. The chicken shawarmas were from a Lebanese restaurant called Chateau Beirut: Gyro Subs in West Chester, OH.

I ate the chicken shawarma wraps a few hours after my mom brought them home since she brought around lunch time, but we had them for dinner, so they were kind of like semi-leftovers.

The shawarmas came nicely wrapped in foil to help with holding everything in place. I usually don't like tomatoes in sandwiches and wraps, but the tomatoes went pretty well with the shawarma. While the chicken shawarma had a lot of garlic sauce, it didn't seem overwhelmingly sauced, which was good. My favorite taste in the shawarma was the taste of dill pickles. The chicken was a little bit dry, but it was still good, and the pita bread was perfect; it wasn't hard and stale or too mushy, even after it had been sitting around for a few hours. The sauce, vegetables, and chicken made a nice, well-balanced savory, garlic taste.

Overall Rating:
Food: Chicken shawarma (To-Go)
Price: $13.99
Source: Chateau Beirut Gyro Subs Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Rating: Good


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