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ox of Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes
Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes microwaved

We've seen these refrigerated Bob Evans mashed potatoes at Fry's (Kroger) for a while and decided to try some. They were pretty easy to warm up using the microwave instructions.

The mashed potatoes were whipped, smooth, and creamy... a very tasty side! They had a rich and buttery taste (or according to the ingredients: buttery and margarine-y) and were a perfect complement to the pork we grilled.

They may not be very healthy, but if you need some quick and easy buttered mashed potatoes, these taste delicious! :P

Overall Rating:
Food: Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes
Source: Fry's Food & Drug Store (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Rating: Delicious

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Uncle Ben's Jasmine Rice
Bowl of Uncle Ben's Jasmine Rice

While we were at Fry's, we were looking for an quick and easy microwavable rice that would go with some Asian food. While I'm not usually a fan of Uncle Ben's rice, we still decided to try some of Uncle Ben's Jasmine Ready Rice.

The Uncle Ben's jasmine rice was pretty easy to cook as it just took 90 seconds in the microwave. While the rice had the nice aroma of jasmine rice, it didn't really taste or feel like jasmine rice. The grains were also a little slick and oily or something. It was OK as a quick, side of rice, but it wasn't great.

Overall Rating:
Food: Uncle Ben's Jasmine Ready Rice Pouch
Source: Fry's Food & Drug Store (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK

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Box of Frozen Trader Joe's Pear Tarte
Trader Joe's Pear Tarte Packaging
Trader Joe's Pear Tarte Cooked in Oven
Sliced Pear Tarte from Trader Joe's
Slice of Baked Trader Joe's Pear Tarte

We've seen and passed by Trader Joe's Pear Tartes several times, but last time, we finally decided to try one. I don't think I've ever had any type of fruit tart before since I don't really like fruity desserts.

We followed the conventional oven instructions on the box and heated the pear tart for 20 minutes in the oven and let it cool for another 30 minutes, although it's nice that it has microwave instructions, also.

The pear tart looked delicious, and the pears and custard were covered in a nice glaze. It had a nice, crunchy crust that was more dense than flaky, but I enjoyed it. The custard wasn't overly sweet and tasted of cream. The pears were tart and sweet, and their texture was just right; they weren't too mushy or crunchy. The overall flavor was very balanced.

Although the pear tart tasted good, unfortunately, both my boyfriend and I ended up with big headaches after having a slice each. I often get headaches when I eat foods with a custard, but my boyfriend usually doesn't, so it was odd that we both ended up with headaches. Because of our bad headaches, we ended up just throwing the rest away. :(

Overall Rating:
Food: Trader Joe's Pear Tarte
Source: Trader Joe's, Tucson, AZ
Rating (Taste): Good
Rating (Overall Experience): Blegh
from Trader Joes

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