Box of Boudin Clam Chowder from Costco
Bowl of Boudin Clam Chowder from Costco

I received a request to review this clam chowder from Costco which worked out because I just got some the week before. By the way, if you thought it might come in a bread bowl since that's the picture on the box - it does not - the box just states that it's great with Boudin bread bowls. The clam chowder comes in two large plastic containers. I heated one of the containers of clam chowder in a pot on the stovetop per the directions on the box, however, you could also just microwave it following the directions, as well.

The consistency of the soup was fine - it wasn't too watery or goopy, and it had the typical potatoes and clams (with more potatoes than clams). The taste was OK - it had a creamy, savory clam chowder taste that was maybe slightly better than your typical clam chowder out of a can, but not by much. The main flavor of the soup was its saltiness, and it was too overwhelming for me... I couldn't taste much more than a salty cream taste. I noticed the ingredients also listed bacon, but I don't think I really tasted a bacon flavor (unless that was the saltiness I was tasting).

I've had clam chowder in San Francisco in a sourdough bread bowl, and it was much better. Even Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation has clam chowder that is much better. I know there's a difference between being made fresh vs. preserved, but I still expected a better taste.

Overall, it was better than your average preserved clam chowder, but it was too salty for me. I wasn't able to eat more than one small bowl of it. Maybe it would have tasted better if I had eaten it from a bread bowl...

Overall Rating:
Food: Boudin Sourdough Clam Chowder
Source: Costco, Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: OK



REVIEW – Boudin Sourdough Clam Chowder from Costco

  • Ann Karp

    When will you be having the clam chowder at Costco again? Would like to serve it with crab on Christmas Eve.

  • Sandy

    This clam chowder was so garlicky I could not taste the clams or anything else it was awful! Too many soups over power their soups with garlic and that’s all you taste . Btw I like garlic but blended in the dish!

  • Judy Kelly

    We loved this clam chowder. It was not too thick or too thin and had loads of clams. It is simple to prepare a great dinner. I hope to find it in Costco Abq again.

  • Carol

    We recently discovered the microwaveable tubs of Boudin Clam Chowder at Costco. What a delicious surprise. Easy! Soooo tasty. Couldn’t be better. Of course in person in a bread bowl would be a better dining experience, but at home we used buttered toast to dunk and are hooked! Can’t wait to go back and get more. How can I order this online?

  • Rick

    Disagree with this rating. It is really good. I buy a ton of these every year. One of the best items at costco!

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