Box of Boudin Clam Chowder from Costco
Bowl of Boudin Clam Chowder from Costco

I received a request to review this clam chowder from Costco which worked out because I just got some the week before. By the way, if you thought it might come in a bread bowl since that's the picture on the box - it does not - the box just states that it's great with Boudin bread bowls. The clam chowder comes in two large plastic containers. I heated one of the containers of clam chowder in a pot on the stovetop per the directions on the box, however, you could also just microwave it following the directions, as well.

The consistency of the soup was fine - it wasn't too watery or goopy, and it had the typical potatoes and clams (with more potatoes than clams). The taste was OK - it had a creamy, savory clam chowder taste that was maybe slightly better than your typical clam chowder out of a can, but not by much. The main flavor of the soup was its saltiness, and it was too overwhelming for me... I couldn't taste much more than a salty cream taste. I noticed the ingredients also listed bacon, but I don't think I really tasted a bacon flavor (unless that was the saltiness I was tasting).

I've had clam chowder in San Francisco in a sourdough bread bowl, and it was much better. Even Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation has clam chowder that is much better. I know there's a difference between being made fresh vs. preserved, but I still expected a better taste.

Overall, it was better than your average preserved clam chowder, but it was too salty for me. I wasn't able to eat more than one small bowl of it. Maybe it would have tasted better if I had eaten it from a bread bowl...

Overall Rating:
Food: Boudin Sourdough Clam Chowder
Source: Costco, Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: OK



REVIEW – Boudin Sourdough Clam Chowder from Costco

  • David Huff

    I will return unused container to Costco, it was awful. Please bring back Splash Cafe chowder!

  • Buttockss

    Rubber clams, i use now for hunting wild turkeys. perfect for shooting not real expensive.

    • Buttockss


  • Bob

    I’ve had better. I thought it was to watery and not much taste. I like mine a little thicker. I’ll never buy this again.

  • Leticia Hernandez

    So gooooood…ive been craving it more during my pregnancy but havent found it anymore…i eat it all year long 😋😋😋😋

  • Robert A. Whitmore

    I will say this, it is not so bad I plan to return the 2nd tub of Chowder. Problem for me is I have enjoyed actual good Clam Chowder. At store price it for me is not a good deal. Some of the Clam was tough. I won’t quibble with them over consistency, potatoes to Clam, etc. But I agree it has a flavor that for me is too salty.

  • Ann Karp

    When will you be having the clam chowder at Costco again? Would like to serve it with crab on Christmas Eve.

  • Sandy

    This clam chowder was so garlicky I could not taste the clams or anything else it was awful! Too many soups over power their soups with garlic and that’s all you taste . Btw I like garlic but blended in the dish!

    • Robert A. Whitmore

      I did not detect any garlic. The taste might have satisfied combat troops forced to eat it in the field. I have had very good Clam Chowder at restaurants. At Fisherman’s Wharf in SF they make real Clam Chowder.

      Keep in mind COSTCO return policy. They take back one of the two containers and refund your money.

  • Judy Kelly

    We loved this clam chowder. It was not too thick or too thin and had loads of clams. It is simple to prepare a great dinner. I hope to find it in Costco Abq again.

  • Carol

    We recently discovered the microwaveable tubs of Boudin Clam Chowder at Costco. What a delicious surprise. Easy! Soooo tasty. Couldn’t be better. Of course in person in a bread bowl would be a better dining experience, but at home we used buttered toast to dunk and are hooked! Can’t wait to go back and get more. How can I order this online?

  • Rick

    Disagree with this rating. It is really good. I buy a ton of these every year. One of the best items at costco!

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