ChocoMaker Marbled Chocolate Curls
Red velvet cupcakes topped with ChocoMaker Marbled Chocolate Curls

I made some red velvet cupcakes, and I topped the cupcakes off with frosting and ChocoMaker Marbled Chocolate Curls. The chocolate curls appeared to be a combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate.

The chocolate curls melted in my hands a little bit when I was sprinkling them on the cupcakes even though I had them in the refrigerator, but other than that, they were pretty good. They added a nice chocolate crunch texture to the cupcakes, and I thought they were even better after I refrigerated the cupcakes. They tasted delicious, too. They were definitely my favorite part of the cupcakes!

Overall Rating:
Food: ChocoMaker Marbled Chocolate Curls
Price: $3.98
Source: Wal-Mart, Mason, OH
Rating: Delicious


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