Box of Pierre Signatures Angus Burgers
Pierre Signatures Angus Cheeseburger

I tried a Pierre Signatures Angus Cheeseburger from Costco.

The burger tasted like a regular cheeseburger, maybe a bit fattier. I also found it salty, so after eating part of one with the cheese, I decided to try one without cheese. I tried a new burger and microwaved it without the cheese in it. The burger without the cheese wasn't as salty and tasted better to me.

The bun was also good and wasn't soft and mushy or too hard. However, after eating the majority of the burger, I let it sit out for a few minutes while I went to do something else, and when I came back to eat the rest, the bread had become a little rigid.

By the way, don't get your hopes up for microwavable lettuce. Unlike the front of the box, the actual burger doesn't come with any kind of lettuce. :-P

Overall Rating:
Food: Pierre Signatures Angus Cheeseburger
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $12.59 per box (8 burgers)
Rating (Burger With Cheese): OK
Rating (Burger Without Cheese): Good
Rating (Burger Bun): Good



REVIEW – Pierre Signatures Angus Cheeseburger from Costco

  • Jan

    I don’t know what people are doing if they end up with a hard or “rigid” bun. Maybe they aren’t opening one side before microwaving. We have made them directly from the freezer and after being defrosted and they come out juicy with a soft bun. I was thinking the bun would be mushy after being microwaved, but it wasn’t. The “cheese” melts a lot so I may just add a slice of real cheese next time. Since they had the $4 instant rebate I bought 2 more boxes.

  • Michael Peter Biesanz

    According to the USDA this is not not a “cheese”burger because the “cheese” is not cheese!

  • Buttockss

    Warning!!!!…Do not eat. The tasty meat you think is yummy, is actually cow brains. They get the meat from the cows from the Alabama meat processing center, were they have immigrants that just crossed the border known as the cartel. this immigrants (Criminals)… are known to have killed for hire, and chop the heads of many civilians in Mexaco.

  • Gary Slusher

    I know these are made to be microwaveable. However, the way I make them if that I throw the meat into a 350 degree oven for a half-hour turning half-way through (putting on the cheese for the last 3 or 4 minutes) and microwave the bun on defrost cycle (power level 2) for 4 or 5 minutes. Comes out like a cheeseburger in the restaurant. Time consuming, but well worth it.

  • Paul Froiland

    Why were these cheeseburgers deleted from your Eden Prairie, MN, store? I’ve been eating one for lunch every day, and really miss them. Is there another store in Minnesota that still carries them?

  • Jane Doe

    These burgers are delicious, my favorite of all the other frozen food burgers. And no, they’re not too “salty” nor do they have excess grease that you have to blot. Only a health fanatic would think that.
    As far as the bun being hard, that’s probably because you’re either nuking it too long, nuking at too high of a microwave setting, or you aren’t opening up one side of the plastic wrapping. And yes, these *have* shrunk in size. Eating only one just isn’t satisfying.

  • Nancy

    My husband and I love these Angus cheeseburgers from Costco….at least we did until recently. The burgers & buns have actually shrunk!! Before I always had to give 1/2 my burger to my husband, but now I gobble up the whole thing and still want more. Too bad! We’ll have to go elsewhere now to get our burgers.

  • Connie

    I love these burgers! I find them juicy and delicious. I take them out of the freezer the night or two before, and let them thaw. I microwave just like it says from being thawed and wow, you can keep them in the refrigerator a few days and the bun is soft and the meat taste like I picked it up from a flame grilled burger place. I don’t think they are greasy, maybe you should try a veggie burger instead. Very happy bought 2 more boxes the other day!!!!

  • Joan Canada

    Never again the cheeseburgers were so hard you could have used them for a hammer

  • George Wines

    Why has COSTCO MI deleted this item ?

    • arline

      Probably bec. they have been sued from a few people whose front teeth broke from the “rigid” bun. The patty is great but they haven’t figured out how to micro the whole thing without fossilizing the bun.

  • William

    A local pub serves these burgers and everyone like them. They taste just fine.

  • Damaris

    Followed directions but top bun remained hard. Ate the buyer with lower was good.

  • Paul Meller

    After microwaving the thawed hamburger, I use multiple paper towels to blot out all the fats. squeeze down and blot, then repeat a few times, till clear. Toast the bun separately, throw away the process cheese slice. Then add a nice slice of sweet onion. As an alternate, add a nice spoon of diced garlic (non microwaved) also from Costco. Somewhat laborious, but worth the effort for me (heart smart). I’m sure that pushes it up the health chart a lot. still tastes good.

    • Brandon

      Or maybe you could just buy some decent burgers and cook them yourself for all that trouble. Or make your own burgers, its really not that hard. But if you just want to buy a quick easy premade burger, this isn’t a bad buy if you like the charbroiled taste.

      • Brandon

        Sounds like a hell of a lot of trouble for a prepackaged burger with preservatives. Make your own if you wanna be ‘heart smart’ with lean beef.

    • sharon s

      I found these burgers just excellent! Good almost as In N Out. Really great for a delicious fast lunch or dinner. Yes, you do have to blot out the fat with paper towels. Costco quit carrying them in Nevada, does anyone else know who carries them?

  • Greg

    Yep. Def want to die now.

    So delicious, so much hate and loathing.

  • Greg

    This s :P right here is good as f :P . Eating it makes me hate myself and want to die. I’m full now though after having 3 of them.

  • Sharon

    I love Pierre Signature grilled chicken sandwiches and thought I would also give their angus cheeseburgers a try. Everything about them is yummy except for the strong char taste. I know lots of people like the taste of charbroiling but I don’t. I won’t buy this product again.

  • Joanne

    Rigid. That’s putting in kindly. What makes the bun HARD?

  • Jonathan

    Just picked some up yesterday. Costco Garden Grove location in Southern California. Hard to resist a $4 rebate.

  • John

    I’ve had a lot worse. Bought some yesterday at Costco in Anchorage AK , $4 instant rebate so just a little more than $1 each.

  • Rich

    We can still get them in PA. Maybe they are not shipping them north of the border. I think they are good for a frozen sandwich and they aren’t too bad nutritionally.

  • Vijay

    We tried as well but for some reason costco doesnt carry these any more. where can we find them around toronto, ontario in canada?

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