Box of frozen Korean Style Bibimbap Beef from Costco
Inside box of frozen Korean Style Bibimbap Beef from Costco
Frozen Korean Style Bibimbap Beef from Costco (before heating)
Heated Korean Style Bibimbap Beef from Costco

When I saw this package of Korean (Style) Bibimbap Beef bowls at Costco, of course, I just had to try it. The box comes with four bowls and packets of Gochujang sauce (a spicy and sometimes sweet chili paste sauce). I tried a bowl just following the microwave instructions on the back of the box: peel back a corner and microwave for 3 minutes! Thaw the Gochujang sauce under warm water, add the sauce to the bowl to taste (after the microwaving), and mix. Super easy!

I used a little more than half the Gochujang sauce when I mixed it into the bowl. The sauce had an overall good spiciness to it, and I initially thought it was too tangy for my liking, but it actually tasted fine after that. It did have the savory sweet Korean BBQ flavors, and the beef was good - just wish there had been more (a common theme with frozen food). A couple of the beef pieces were also slightly chewy, but they were still good. The vegetables went well with the beef, but the majority of the bowl did seem to be the rice. I suppose that at least made it more filling. Also, one of my favorite parts of bibimbap is the addition of egg, which this, unfortunately, did not have. However, I really liked the overall taste and would still get it again.

I enjoyed this bibimbap bowl over the one from Trader Joe's as I preferred this bowl's Gochujang sauce taste, it had larger pieces of beef, and I liked the texture of the beef better. I did like that the one from Trader Joe's had some bits of egg, though. However, eating the Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl also resulted in an upset stomach, and this one, thankfully, did not have that effect.

Overall Rating:
Food: Frozen Bibigo Korean Style Bibimbap Beef
Source: Costco, Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Bibigo: Korean Style Bibimbap Beef (Frozen) from Costco

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  • Barbara J Finer

    I found these One time at Costco and LOVED them! Please bring them back, and have Bibigo send out an ad or notification to let all the Korean food lovers know that you have it in stock.

  • George Baca

    First off, I’m blind from one eye and 20/200 in the other. So, I have an IHSS worker who does the grocery shopping for me. She bought me 4 of the bibigo chicken rice bowls here in Costco’s Orange county and showed me how to use the microwave when she’s not here. The first bowl I cooked, went well and I must say it was delicious. However, today’s meal…I cooked it the same way I did the first time. I decided to add 10 half-walnuts to increase macros (calories). In the midst of enjoying what I thought would be another successful meal, I find a long, long hair!! My 10 year old son told me it was a long white hair. I literally turned green. And, I will notify corporate today. My son says that these bowls have been inspected and given the USDA stamp of approval. Right??

  • Pamela Whiteside

    I bought these recently in the States – they were very good.
    Please bring them to a Costco in Canada – Kitchener or waterloo
    * my kids loved them!

  • Steve Usher

    When is COSTCO going to bring them back!!!
    They are better than some of the other bowls they have in stock!

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