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Bag of frozen Kirkland Signature Chilean Sea Bass from Costco
Cooked plate of Kirkland Signature Chilean Sea Bass from Costco

Last time we went to Costco we saw one of our favorite types of fish: Chilean Sea Bass! The Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Chilean Sea Bass was frozen and ~1.5 lb for $40. When we get Chilean Sea Bass, we usually buy it at another store that sells it for $36 a pound, so this seemed like a fairly good deal.

The frozen Chilean Sea Bass came in individually wrapped and sealed portions, which was very convenient. There were five frozen portions in the bag, and we ended up cooking three of them following the cooking directions on the bag loosely.

Kirkland Signature Chilean Sea Bass from Costco sealed portions
Individually sealed portions

The Chilean Sea Bass turned out nice, buttery, and flaky -- delicious! It wasn't dry or rubbery at all. We are very happy that Costco is now carrying these, as they make for a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

Below are instructions on how we cooked it.

How We Cooked the frozen Chilean Sea Bass (on a tray on a gas grill):

1. Thaw it.

  • The "regular" thawing instructions recommend thawing the portions unwrapped for 8-10 hours in the refrigerator, and the "quick thaw" instructions suggest thawing them in their packaging under cool water for 15-30 minutes, replacing the water every 5 minutes. We had about 4 hours before we were going to cook the Chilean Sea Bass and had forgotten to thaw the portions, so we tried a combination of the regular thaw and quick thaw instructions on the back of the bag.
  • We ended up thawing the three portions inside their packaging under cool water for 5 minutes one time. Then we unwrapped them and put them on a plate in the refrigerator for the remaining 4 hours. The biggest piece was still a little frozen, but the other smaller pieces we had were almost thawed all the way, so we just went ahead and cooked them.
  • 2. Spray a foil tray with Pam, and place the three portions of Chilean Sea Bass on it.

    3. Add a sliver of butter on top of each piece (or whatever seasoning you want).

    4. Turn all three burners on the gas grill to High with the lid closed for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, turn the middle burner to Low.

    5. Put the tray of fish on the middle burner, and flip each piece of fish approximately every 3 minutes. We ended up flipping each piece ~4 times and cooked them for a total of about 12 minutes.

  • Note: The instructions on the bag state to cook them for 5 - 7 minutes and flip them once. We probably had to cook them longer because ours weren't thawed all the way.
  • 6. Take it off the grill and serve!

    Overall Rating:
    Food: Frozen Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Chilean Sea Bass
    Price: $39.99 for 1.5 lb bag (5 portions)
    Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
    Rating: Delicious

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    Turkey dinner for the holidays

    When we make our holiday turkey dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we don't make too much of an effort, but it comes out delicious every time! Our dinners are usually for four people, but we always have leftovers for a couple of days, so this will probably serve up to six hungry people.

    List of what we use to make our holiday turkey dinners:

    Click on any of the items below to see a review / how we cook each of them!

    TURKEY (and gravy):

  • Turkey: 4.75 lb. Butterball frozen boneless roast turkey from Costco with gravy packet
  • SIDES:

  • Salad: Quick, easy, and delicious salad
  • Bread: Loaf of french bread/baguette (we get them from Beyond Bread in Tucson)
  • Mashed Potatoes: Twin pack (56 oz) of Main St. Bistro Mashed Potatoes from Costco
  • Stuffing: 2 - 6oz boxes of Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing
  • Green Beans: 24oz bag of Trader Joe's French Green Beans / Haricot Vert
  • Corn Pudding: 15oz box of Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

  • Ice Cream: Dreyer's Vanilla & Chocolate Grand Ice Cream
  • Pie: Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pie from Costco
  • Plate of delicious turkey dinner

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    Salad toppings

    We usually make a pretty simple salad with just a few toppings. It is a quick, easy, and delicious (Q.E.D.!) salad that is also a great salad for the holidays! The salad only takes about fifteen minutes to put together. We put all our toppings in separate bowls because not everyone likes everything, and that way people can pick and choose what they want.

    How to make an easy, holiday salad (4-5 people):

    Ingredients we use:

  • One container of 16 oz/1 lb Baby Spring Mix
  • 3 bell peppers (we usually use 3 different colors)
  • One bag of frozen Birds Eye Steamfresh Sweet Peas
  • One 5 oz. bag of Ocean Spray Craisins
  • Candied/Spiced nuts (my boyfriend's mom usually makes these, but I think Trader Joe's might have some)
  • Any type of salad dressing

  • 1. Wash the lettuce (we usually use a salad spinner) and put it in a bowl with a paper towel underneath (to absorb the moisture). You can take out the paper towel when you are serving the salad.

    2. Chop up the bell peppers and put them in a bowl.

    3. Microwave the frozen Steamfresh peas for about 4 minutes. When you take them out of the microwave, let them sit for one minute, then put the peas in a container of cold water to let them cool off (so they don't end up wilting the lettuce).

    4. Put dried cranberries / Craisins in a bowl.

    5. Put candied/spiced nuts in a bowl.

    6. Leave out salad dressing or put some in a bowl.

    7. Put out all the bowls and enjoy!

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