Container of Dreyer's Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream
Dreyer's Vanilla & Chocolate Grand Ice Cream

I tried some of Dreyer's half vanilla, half chocolate grand ice cream from Fry's/Kroger. My favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and chocolate so it seemed like the perfect ice cream for me.

Both flavors had a nice, creamy texture (but wasn't super soft like frozen yogurt).

The vanilla seemed a little on the sweet side compared to some other vanilla ice creams I have had, but it was still pretty good. One thing I often dislike in vanilla ice cream are the vanilla bean dots in them. This vanilla doesn't have those foul dots so that was also good for me.

The chocolate ice cream has a sweet, chocolate flavor, and it goes very well with mini chocolate kisses on top!

Overall Rating:
Food: Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream: Vanilla & Chocolate
Source: Fry's Food & Drug Store (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Price: $1.99 sale price ($4.99 reg) per 1.5 quart container
Rating: Delicious


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