Bag of Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons
Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons, microwaved

My boyfriend and I tried some of these frozen Bibigo mini wontons from Costco. We tried cooking a few the easiest way first -- using the microwave. Of course, you can also pan fry, boil, or add it to a soup! We microwaved 6 of them wrapped in a wet paper towel for about a minute (The instructions state to microwave 12 for 1-2 minutes). They came out alright with the exception of a few spots that were a little dry.

The wontons weren't tiny, but they were mini (maybe about 2 in x 1 in). They taste just like wontons with a more dominant green onion taste. They also taste similar to the taste of Korean Mandu (dumpling). The texture was good -- although it can be a little dry microwaved, if your wet paper towel doesn't fully cover them.

We also tried some of the wontons with a spicy noodle soup. The noodle soup was microwaved, and when there was ~two minutes left, we added 6 wontons to it. It turned out very nice!

Bibigo Mini Wontons in a spicy noodle soup
Bibigo Mini Wontons in a noodle soup

My boyfriend preferred the wontons in the soup rather than microwaved on their own, while I enjoyed them both ways. We both liked the taste, and it was a pretty good snack!

Overall Rating:
Food: Fully Cooked Bibigo Mini Wontons, Chicken & Cilantro (Frozen)
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Bibigo Chicken & Cilantro Mini Wontons from Costco (Frozen)

  • Corrine Cullens

    I’ve been to 3 different costco’s and they are always out. Can I order them online. I love them. Going through Chemo right now and they are comfort food for sure.

  • Buttockss

    They has no chickin at all in them and they burn rael easy . Tastes like rubber pasta.

  • Vickie Springer

    I love these Chicken & Cilantro Wontons. I wish they were easier to buy. They are the best.

  • Ruth Parry

    I like these Chicken & Cilantro Wontons. If I cook them in the microwave in a covered dish with a little bit of water, I eat them with a chili sauce or a plum sauce. I also like them cooked in a chicken broth. I see they are packaged for a US company but where are they made? Does anyone have an answer as to where they are actually made and not just where they are packaged? Thanks

  • Steve

    These are fantastic, imo. I’ve found that, as with other wontons and potstickers, you need a ziploc bag with a decent amount of water if you’re going to cook them in the microwave. I put about 10 of them in with probably half a cup of water, seal the bag getting the air out, then poke about 5 holes in the top of the bag. 3 minutes on high, let them cool, then drain and I think they come out great. Let dry out a bit if you want to fry them in oil and soy sauce. These are great as snacks, the wrapper is nice and thin, and they have a lovely flavor.

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