Box of Crazy Cuizine Korean BBQ Chicken
Crazy Cuizine Korean BBQ Chicken

When we were at Costco, we saw the frozen Korean (inspired) BBQ (recipe) chicken and decided to try some. The box came with 2 bags of the chicken and 2 bags of the BBQ sauce.

This is how trying the chicken played out:

First bite: "This doesn't taste Korean, tastes more like generic American Asian. The chicken texture also feels kind of like... shrimp?"

Next couple of bites: "This isn't very spicy, but it tastes all right."

Final bites: "It's a little spicier with more of the sauce... but it is way too sweet... I'm not going to get this again."

So it basically just tastes like other microwavable Asian foods that are too sweet, and the taste gets tiring after a few bite.. and I won't be buying these again.

Overall Rating:
Food: Korean Inspired BBQ Recipe Chicken by Crazy Cuizine/Day-Lee Foods
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Blegh


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