Packaged Neoguri Noodles - Seafood flavor
Neoguri Seafood Noodles on a fork

I had some Neoguri packaged noodles (spicy seafood flavor) from Fry's for lunch.

You can boil the noodles or warm them up with water in the microwave. The noodles only took 8 minutes on high warmed up in the microwave, and they came out great.

They are listed as Udon type noodles, but they do not really have the texture of Udon noodles, however, they are thicker than the standard packaged ramen noodles. The noodles had a very flavorful, spicy taste, and they didn't really have too much of a seafoody taste. The noodles were delicious, and I ate it all up pretty quickly.

Overall Rating:
Food: Nong Shim Neoguri Packaged Noodles (Spicy Seafood Flavor)
Source: Fry's Food Stores (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Price: $1.99 per package
Rating: Delicious


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