Panda Super Buffet plate

We tried the Asian buffet at Panda Super Buffet in Tucson, AZ.

At first glance, the food looked very greasy, and there were mussels and salmon with orange cheese slabs melted over them (which I did not try due to how disgusting they looked). Some of the chicken that I had was cold, while other pieces of the same chicken were warm. The mongolian beef was dry and the texture of the sushi rice was mush. The string beans I had were limp, and many still had their stems. The spring roll I had was very mushy on the inside. The potsticker I had was also very mushy, and it fell apart as soon as I put my fork in it. The only dishes that seemed to be OK were the lo mein and mei fun noodles.

Overall, this buffet was not very good at all.

Update: Not surprisingly, this restaurant is now closed...

Overall Rating:
Food: Asian Buffet
Source: Panda Super Buffet, Tucson, AZ
Price: $9.95 per person (Dinner price - after 3:30 pm)
Rating: Blegh


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