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My mom got some Chicken Bulgogi to-go from Asiana Korean Restaurant for us to have for lunch on the last day of my visit.

The Chicken Bulgogi looked more red than I'm used to it looking, but it was still pretty good. At first, it tasted just salty to me, but then I noticed the sauce wasn't mixed all the way, and once it was all mixed, it had tasted sweeter, which I liked. It was also a little bit spicy, which went pretty well with the taste of the sauce.

Overall Rating:
Food: Chicken Bulgogi (To-Go)
Source: Asiana Korean Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Rating: Good

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California roll & dragon roll from Dao Restaurant, Mason, OH
Tempura Udon from Dao Restaurant, Mason, OH

My mom and went out to eat at Dao Modern Asian Cuisine in Mason, OH. It was a Friday night, and while there were a few sets of customers, it didn't seem very busy. My mom and I shared a California roll and dragon roll as appetizers, and I had tempura udon soup as my meal.

The California roll was just fine, but it was a little bit warm, perhaps because it was next to the dragon roll. The dragon roll had tempura shrimp on the inside, and the shrimp was pretty good, and nice & crunchy. The shrimp went well with the sweet eel sauce. However, I did find there were bits of shrimp shell still on the shrimp :(

Shrimp shell in the dragon roll

I also noticed that some of the dishes they used for our food were broken. The corner of the shrimp and vegetable tempura plate was broken as well as bowl for the tempura sauce.

Broken bowl of tempura sauce

The udon noodle soup had a nice, tasty broth. It had a very slight hint of sweetness, and it wasn't overly salted. I liked the slightly sweet taste, and as the amount of soup decreased, the sweeter the soup became. The udon noodles in the soup were also good and had a good noodle texture.

The tempura that came with the soup included shrimp tempura and different vegetable tempura like zucchini, sweet potato, and broccoli. The zucchini tempura didn't have much taste. I didn't really care much for the broccoli tempura or the shrimp tempura, either. The shrimp in the shrimp tempura was kind of dry. I liked the taste of the slightly sweet tempura sauce, however, it was a little watery and when I used it with the tempura, the taste didn't last long so it didn't help much. However, I really enjoyed the sweet potato tempura; the taste of the sweet potato went really well with the fried batter.

Overall Rating:
Food: California Roll, Dragon Roll, Tempura Udon Soup
Source: Dao Modern Asian Cuisine Restaurant, Mason, OH
Rating (California Roll): OK
Rating (Dragon Roll): OK (would be good without the shrimp shell bits)
Rating (Udon Noodle Soup): Good
Rating (Shrimp, Zucchini, Broccoli Tempura, Tempura Sauce): OK
Rating (Sweet Potato Tempura): Delicious

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Chicken shawarma in foil from Chateau Beirut, West Chester, OH
Chicken shawarma from Chateau Beirut, West Chester, OH

My brother had visited my mom earlier in the year and HAD to have shawarmas during his visit. So when I visited, my mom grabbed some chicken shawarmas for me, as well. The chicken shawarmas were from a Lebanese restaurant called Chateau Beirut: Gyro Subs in West Chester, OH.

I ate the chicken shawarma wraps a few hours after my mom brought them home since she brought around lunch time, but we had them for dinner, so they were kind of like semi-leftovers.

The shawarmas came nicely wrapped in foil to help with holding everything in place. I usually don't like tomatoes in sandwiches and wraps, but the tomatoes went pretty well with the shawarma. While the chicken shawarma had a lot of garlic sauce, it didn't seem overwhelmingly sauced, which was good. My favorite taste in the shawarma was the taste of dill pickles. The chicken was a little bit dry, but it was still good, and the pita bread was perfect; it wasn't hard and stale or too mushy, even after it had been sitting around for a few hours. The sauce, vegetables, and chicken made a nice, well-balanced savory, garlic taste.

Overall Rating:
Food: Chicken shawarma (To-Go)
Price: $13.99
Source: Chateau Beirut Gyro Subs Restaurant, West Chester, OH
Rating: Good

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