Nachos with Steak from La Salsa Mexican Grill
Range of Salsas at La Salsa

We ate some nachos with steak from La Salsa Mexican Grill for dinner.

I always get the nachos with only cheese and meat and with guacamole on the side because I don't like the beans, roja sauce, and sour cream with my nachos. I also prefer scooping the guacamole with my nachos, rather than eating them mixed in with the cheese.

Sometimes when I go to La Salsa they burn the nachos a little bit, but this time the nachos were perfect. The nachos were crunchy and tasty. They were thin nachos, but not super thin. The cheese was just standard melted jack and cheddar shredded cheeses, which I liked.

The steak was a little dry, but they still had a nice seasoning and tasted pretty good. I would have preferred more steak with the nachos.

The guacamole I asked for on the side was delicious. It tasted fresh, and I liked the avocado and tomato chunks that were in it.

I tried six of the different salsas from the salsa bar with the nachos. I tend to like sweeter salsas over saltier ones. Of the ones I tried, this is a list in order of my favorite to least favorite:

  • 1. Mango Salsa - A little spicy, had the sweet taste of mango with mango chunks (my favorite).
  • 2. Buena Salsa - Dark red salsa, tomato-y, a little watery, similar to salsas from grocery stores
  • 3. Avocado Salsa - Tastes like a creamier and saltier guacamole
  • 4. Deliciosa Salsa - A little sweet, but not very sweet. It was a little watery and onion-y.
  • 5. Roasted Tomato Salsa - Spicy and salty with a tomato-y and cilantro-y taste.
  • 6. Mexicana Salsa - Just tastes like a bunch of chopped tomatoes with salt added.
  • Overall Rating:
    Food: Nachos with Steak (only nachos, cheese, and steak, with guacamole on the side)
    Source: La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill, Tucson, AZ
    Price: $7.35 ($5.85 for nachos, $1.50 for steak)

    Rating (Nachos + Cheese): Delicious
    Rating (Steak): Good
    Rating (Guacamole): Delicious

    Salsa Ratings:
    Mango Salsa: Delicious
    Buena Salsa: Good
    Avocada Salsa: Good
    Deliciosa Salsa: OK
    Roasted Tomato Salsa: OK
    Mexicana Salsa: OK


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