Posada Steak & Cheese Burritos
Plate of Posada Steak & Cheese Burritos

I bought a box of the Posada steak & cheese burritos to try from Costco. I liked that the burritos had steak and cheese and no filler beans (since I don't like beans).

I followed the microwave directions on the back and microwaved one burrito for 90 seconds.

The overall taste of the burrito was pretty savory with a faint, underlying tomato taste. The green chilies are fairly prominent, and the shredded steak pieces are fairly respectable for a frozen burrito.

The overall taste of the burrito was pretty savory with a faint, underlying tomato taste. The green chilies are fairly prominent, and the shredded steak pieces are fairly respectable for a frozen burrito. The burrito was very similar to the El Monterey Steak and Cheese burritos, and it tasted good overall.
Overall Rating:
Food: Frozen Posada Shredded Steak and Cheese Burritos
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $11.99 for a box of 18 burritos
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Posada: Shredded Steak and Cheese Burritos from Costco

  • Barry K.

    These are meatless beef burritos I hope you don’t buy them like I did. I wanted something that I could just pop in the microwave real quick.. wrong decision.

  • Marc Pri'chard

    Bought a box at Costco. Typically I like everything I buy at Costco. Not this time. The burrito’s, each and every one, had about a table spoon of filling. If you like oil soaked flour tortillas then this is the burrito for you. This product is distributed by Ajinomotofoods. I am sure my critique means nothing to them but as I move on to better products I feel better for having done my part in exposing their lack of quality control. I will also make my dissatisfaction known to my local Costco.

  • masoud Riazati

    I can not believe that they are selling us flour tortilla instead of steak burrito that we bought from Costco . at least 3 of one box had nothing in the them. remember when you microwave them, since there is no shredded steak or beef, they become hard and you can’t even eat that as just tortilla. I will take this complain with picture and video to Costco and public.

  • Jeri Surowiec

    I was extremely disappointed… flavor was ok but the shredded steak was nonexistent… Picture on the box is totally deceiving…. will not buy again…

  • Leah claxton

    I heated it per instructions, gave it to my 14 year old, since she was tired of the same thing for lunch, she sliced to have a bite and nothing but sauce. She said this is disgusting. I’m sorry, the picture looks so good, I have been deceived. 😂
    It will be in the freezer, the end of the world is near and she will eventually get hungry and will eat it.

  • Jonathan T Scheiblich

    The worst, These are are a been burrito and contain no shredded beef. Total ripoff,.

  • Mumbasa

    These burritos are AWFUL. You can’t discern any beef in the ones I bought at Costco. There is some cheese in there. After following the microwave instructions, I was left with a tortilla with cheese and a watery, salty, liquid inside. Just the WORST ever. I can’t believe ANYONE liked these. At $12.99 these things were far overpriced because I wouldn’t pay 25 Cents for one. In fact, the cheap burritos in the store that are 20 or 25 cents per on sale in other grocery stores are FAR BETTER and more than half the price. These Posada things aren’t suitable for a racoon.

  • James Resseguie

    I had been purchasing the Chimichanga shredded beef and cheese from Costco for several years. We would have one about once a week when we were in a rush at lunch. Last week we purchased a box of 12 5 oz burritos. My wife fixed two. I bit into mine and was thoroughly disappointed. There was little beef with a thick beef gravy and cheese only. Not only that the burrito seemed much smaller. I decided to weigh the remaining 10. They list the weight as 5 oz. Of the 10 only 2 were in area the 5 oz., 1 was 5.1, one was 5.4 oz. All the remaining 8 were between 4.1 oz and 4.8 oz. What happened to their Quality control. We are going to have to find something else for a fast lunch.

  • Deitra Pawley

    I don’t know why people are knocking this burrito, first it’s a frozen burrito not gourmet food, personally I think these burritos are quite good, I love the gooey cheese and the fact that there’s real shredded steak.

  • Linda L Kroeck

    Don’t waste your money!!

    I bought a box of these from Costco…they look great on the box! But sadly that’s the only place they’re great. First of all, every single one has exploded and the insides has all run out all over the baking dish. Second, there is so little steak in them you struggle to find it. It’s all sauce which has run out all over the baking dish leaving nothing but tortilla. What little bit of ingredients that are left inside the tortilla leaks out all over you when you try to bite into the burrito. This is NOT a burrito, Spanish or American. It’s just a flour tortilla with a messy goo inside!

  • Raul

    Call it what it is sauce burrito . PLEASE DONT CALL MEXICAN FOOD!!!! IT’S a disgrace to our food , I’m sure your employees don’t eat this especially if they’re LATINOS. I WANT A FULL REFUND. WON’T RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE

  • Felicia orozco

    I bought a box of the shredded steak and cheese chimichanga from Cosco and in almost ever single burrito we found pieces of hard plastic in them and hard pieces of bone and Cartlidge these are the most nastiest and cheap burritos I ever had I would NEVER recommend these to my dog let alone to valued customers

  • Eleanor Moyza

    My friend and I tried these chimichangas and we liked them. First I heated them in the microwave to cook the filling, in case it wasn’t cooked. (I looked on the box to see if it stated that they are cooked or raw, but it didn’t say). Before microwaving, I pierced the tops of the burritos to let the steam out and after microwaving then, naturally, they were floppy and moist, so I put them in the regular stove oven for ten
    minutes. They were still pale, so I went the extra mile and toasted them in the toaster oven for a few minutes. They were delicious!
    If you’ve ever eaten a chimichanga at a Mexican Restaurant, you’ll notice that they are deep-fried…so that can be done at home too, but I can’t eat too many oily foods, so I prefer my method even though I went through a lot of steps.

  • Michael Kentwood

    The burrito itself is mostly flour tortilla with an appetizing filling. I microwave these, pull off all the tortilla and use the paste to make a filling for my breakfast omelette. Most of the fat is thus removed and I have to been able to use this addition to a lot of dishes without much guilt.

  • Jennifer Wermers

    Just had my first chimichanga. My husband told me there is hardly any meat so you probably should eat something from the fridge. Oh no I had to try it. I should have listened to my husband. Not much of anything. A tortilla with some sauce and not much cheese. I agree with my husband and Sean.. Where’s the Beef? Anyways I won’t buy them again what a waste of freezer space.

  • Greg M

    I agree with the previous reviewer, there is almost nothing in the burrito. The photo on the packaging shows a burrito filled with steak and cheese. When I cut the burrito open, I don’t see the shredded steak, mostly paste and the wrapper is heavier than the filing. What a ripoff.

  • jessica peters

    I LOVE THESE BURRITOS!!!I used to buy them a lot but we have since moved to Kansas so I went online to find a place to buy then, still cant find it:(….but after a little research I found out that posada also makes all of allsups chimichangas(the best burrito ever!) and I know of people who leave New Mexico and order bulk boxes of Allsups chimichangas! Because their so good!!(Allsups is a gas station in New Mexico known for their chimmi’s!) I lived in New Mexico also, and I know these taste almost identical to Allsups chimmys, just less filling, and way cheaper……best burrito ever I think!!(there are no beans in them!)

  • Sean Jacobs

    This is by far the cheapest burrito I have ever had. It should be called empty burrito because there is practically NO steak in it. Some cheese and beans. That’s it. It’s horrible and I will never buy it again. Even if it were free I wouldn’t take it.

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