El Monterey Shredded Steak & Cheese Burrito Packaging
El Monterey Shredded Steak & Cheese Burrito

The burritos in the box each come wrapped individually, and they are pretty quick to cook in the microwave (1 minute and 30 seconds on high). These burritos are smaller than the average restaurant burritos, but they were about the same size as many other microwavable burritos.

I don't like beans, so I liked that this burrito had no beans in it. The burrito tortilla was a little doughy, and the inside of the burrito has a texture a bit like paste (which doesn't sound great), but it's actually a decent microwavable burrito. The inside of the burrito tasted like a mixture of shredded beef, cheese, green chili, and some other seasonings. It was a teeny tiny bit spicy, and it tasted pretty good overall.

Overall Rating:
Food: El Monterey All Natural Shredded Steak and Cheese Burrito
Source: Albertson's, Scottsdale, AZ
Price: $8.27 sale price for 12 burritos ($11.99 reg price)
Rating: Good


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