Box of Belgian Boys Crepes from Costco
Belgian Boys Crepes from Costco

Last time I went to Costco I saw that Costco had these new Belgian Boys crepes so I bought some to try. Both the box and the crepes look very similar to the La Creperie crepes Costco has had in the past. The crepes come in a box of 16 crepes, which is divided into two packages of 8 crepes.

When I first tried one of the Belgian Boys crepes, I wasn't sure how long to microwave it. The instructions state to take "product" out of its packaging and microwave it on a plate for 1 minute. I didn't know if that meant 8 crepes or 1 or 2 crepes. So I microwaved my one crepe for 15 seconds, and it was dry and very underdone. Then I microwaved it for 30 more seconds, and the texture was much better. So, 40-45 seconds seemed to work for one crepe in my microwave. The next time I had the crepes they were frozen so I had to microwave one crepe for about 65 seconds.

Just like the La Creperie crepes, the Belgian Boy crepes have a nice, slightly sweet crepe taste. The one thing I didn't like was that the crepes have a somewhat chewy texture. Adding something on top of the crepe might counteract the chewiness, but I prefer my crepes plain.

Overall, the Belgian Boys crepes were fine for me, except for their chewy texture. I am also happy that I can find crepes at Costco again to satisfy my crepe cravings :) .

Update (2015): Unfortunately, my local Costco in AZ seems to have stopped carrying crepes yet again... :(

Overall Rating:
Food: Belgian Boys All Natural Crepes (microwaved)
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Belgian Boys: All Natural Crepes from Costco

  • Rose Barile

    These Crepes are so delicious!!!
    I think I got the last box of 16 from Grocery outlet.
    I’d like to know where else they can be bought.

  • Gayla

    They don’t have them at Costco right now I was getting them at the outlet store for a while I’m looking everywhere for them now I don’t microwave the scrapes. I get a little sauce pan put a little butter or coconut spray and warm them up on the stove you have to be careful they can tear easily but they taste oh so much better. You can also add a little flavoring to your better to give the crêpe a nice flavor besides a plain flavor if you like that kind of stuff

  • Barbara huffman

    Please tell Costco to carry these again. I found them at. Grocery outlet in Seattle area. We all love them!!

    • Gayla

      Me too the outlets in South Seattle are all out of them I’ve scoured the area laughing.

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