Bag of La Boulangère Hazelnut Chocolate Filled Crêpes from Costco
La Boulangère Hazelnut Chocolate Filled Crêpe from Costco

It isn't often when we see crepes at Costco -- I haven't seen their Belgian Boys or La Creperie crepes in a long time now -- so when I saw these on-the-go chocolate filled crepes at Costco this past week (in the nuts/peanut butter aisle), I decided to try them out.

The bag came with 15 individually wrapped crepes, and the first thing I noticed when I tried one was that the crepe/"pancake" part was a little dry. However, the added hazelnut chocolate filling made that dryness OK. A random thing I noticed was that on each package, it reads "This Product has been frozen... never refreeze after thawig". (yes, thawig... or maybe "thawi9")

Anyway, the filling was on the sweet side and tasted similar to Nutella. I liked the sweet chocolate filling - it went well with the crepe. One crepe wasn't very filling, but it still makes a good, quick snack or dessert that you don't have to warm up or prepare yourself.

Overall Rating:
Food: La Boulangère Hazelnut (on-the-go) Chocolate Filled French Crêpes
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Good



REVIEW – La Boulangère Hazelnut Chocolate Filled French Crêpes

  • Buttockss

    Tastes like dog crap!

  • TomR

    I purchased one package in Jacksonville, FL. Quite good and a convenient snack. I usually toast it for a minute. I’ll try frying it in butter.
    But I could not find the expiry date, only a code of letters and numbers. I am wary and suspicious of food manufacturers that do not put expiry dates. It makes think twice before buying again.
    Retailers and perhaps the government should require food manufacturers to put clear, uncoded expiry dates on their products.

  • Babs

    Lack of meaningful filling and dry crepes – these were disappointing. I keep the package that I bought in my car for a quick snack on the road, but once they are gone I won’t repurchase. I’ve made something similar at home using Belgian Boys crepes and Nutella that are much more robust.

  • Mimi

    I tried surfing the web to find out how to serve these crepes from the company. So far, this is the only site that at least had a couple of suggestions — to fry them up in butter or microwave them. I might try heating them and serving fruit over them. It still would be nice of La Boulangere to have offered serving suggestions.

  • Michele

    I just purchased these today at mt Costco in Colorado Springs. I am always looking for a low calorie snack. I need something sweet after lunch and dinner. These crepes are delicious. I love the chocolate Hazelnut inside them. Perfect for me and my sweet tooth without going over my calories for the day. I hope they keep carrying them.

  • BobbiS1973

    I love these so much that I’ve gone back for a 3rd package and they are out at Costco. I buy them just for me. So yummy!

  • Nathalie

    I bought some in Costco Boisbriand Quebec and they have been out for a while..I am trying to order some on line and can’t find. those anywhere..can you help?

  • Linda

    Yuck – thought it would be a good snack for my grandkids but yuck – the rest are going out in the garbage!

  • lisa ryan

    at first I ate one vold- tasted like card board…fried it in butter- oh my thry WERE AWESOME. Chocolate and caramel flavor came out and crepe crisped up like you made it at home. highly recommend !

  • Bridget Gangl

    We just bought some 11-19-17 in Simi Valley and they have them.We thought they were good!!

  • crown valley

    I thought these crepes were utterly horrendous. I usually love the selection of new items costco brings on but these were not good at all! I know they say product of France on the package but the best way I can describe them is they taste like these crepes were made in China, then aged for 15 years!

    • Sue Lopez

      I soooo agree with you, i windee if this is a chinese enterprise, might be giving us totally artificial food, tastes yuckyyyy

      • Margo

        Thanks for your comment. Our Costco still has these nasty things on their shelves.


    Where can we buy these Hazelnut Chocolate Filled French Crepes. I live in San Fernando. COSTCO at Northridge California is out of it

    • Denissian

      Van nuys Costco has them on sepulveda just got some today ❤️

  • Jo Ann

    Of course they are not like fresh crepes. I don’t think they are trying to be. I love them. They are a delightful tasty low calorie snack. I want more! COSTCO, what’s up with that? I’m looking for another source

  • Margo

    I thought these were just terrible–dry, tasteless. Does not resemble a real crepe at all. I forced myself to eat four and after the expiration date threw the rest of them in the garbage. Wish I could have tasted one before purchasing and never would have bought them.

    • Denissian

      They r yummy if you microwave for like 10 seconds

      • Margo

        To each his own, I guess.

    • Sue Lopez

      I agree with you, they’re horrendous, maybe just artificial product 😝

  • Mer

    These were just right. After demo-ing them, I bought them then went to get more 10 days later and they hadn’t reordered. So frustrating that Costco would do that. I requested a reorder through Customer Comments. We will see what happens.

    • Agatha

      Hi there !
      I’ve found a similar french brand which makes also some crepes and other items. And you can buy online :

  • Clif

    We love these and yet once again are disappointed to hear that a product we enjoyed for a short while through Costco’s is no longer available. Happens a lot at Costco…or we’ll see a similar product out under the Kirkland brand. But in this case, have to wonder if they’ll actually be able to duplicate this delicious “Product of France”.

  • laura

    I’m so confused about the frozen thing – these were sold on the dry foods aisle of my local Costco. With the chips/candies stuff. Are these supposed to be cold? Yikes.

  • Leona Robertson

    We loved these, is Costco going to continue selling these?

  • tony car

    where we can buy the crepes

  • BenMoncrief

    Where else can we purchase these ‘french crepes’ ? They are very goooooood.

    • tony car

      store to buy

  • Elaine

    I am trying your chocolate hazelnut french for the 1st time. 1.)Would it be advisable to slightly heat them in the oven before serving and 2) how long will they keep refrigerated?The expiration date is 2/4/17 ( I plan to serve them to company :) Thank you

    • GrubPug

      I’ve only tried them directly out of the package from room temperature. I didn’t refrigerate them or heat them, so unfortunately, I don’t know how they are when heated or how they keep in the refrigerator.

      The expiration date on mine was Jan 15 – I ate the last one on that day, and it was fine – so I think they would be good at least until the expiration date, possibly longer.

      Because they are individually wrapped, you could try heating just one of the crepes on its own first (and let it cool down before you eat it!) – to test how it turns out before serving all of them.

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