Label for Roasted Turkey Breast from Honeybaked Ham
Plate of Roasted Turkey Breast from Honeybaked Ham

We ended up with some sliced roasted turkey breast from Honeybaked Ham, which was supposed to be used for a potluck, but it didn't end up there.

This was the first time I had anything from Honeybaked Ham, and it was roast turkey breast. Even though it was turkey, it tasted pretty much like thick glazed ham deli slices. It was very moist because of all the glaze, but maybe a little too sweet for my taste. There was also a lot of fat in the turkey slices, so I had to cut the fat parts off in order to eat it, leaving less turkey to be had in the end.

It seemed pretty expensive at $26.99 for 2.5 lb of turkey breast, and it definitely was not worth the price. It was OK overall, and maybe Honeybaked Ham has the "world's best ham", but they certainly don't have the best turkey.

Overall Rating:
Food: Roasted Turkey Breast
Source: Honeybaked Ham, Tucson, AZ
Price: $26.99 for 2.50 pounds
Rating: OK


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