Bag of Butterball Turkey
Plate of Grilled Butterball Turkey

We have had Butterball turkey breast roasts during the holidays in the past, and they have always turned out great! The last couple of years we have bought Butterball turkey from Costco, which is where we got this 4.75-pound turkey breast from. The Butterball turkey usually isn't very dry (at least compared to other turkeys I have had.. but that could also be due to the way it's prepared).

When we cook the turkey, we usually just season it with sunflower oil or olive oil, and it comes out pretty tasty and tender!

The little gravy packet that comes with the Butterball turkey also works as a good gravy. It isn't the most delicious gravy ever, but it isn't lumpy or watery, and just using the directions on the packet works out fine.

We usually cook our turkey on a gas grill, and it takes about two hours to cook.

Click here for instructions on how we cook the boneless Butterball turkey breast and the gravy packet that comes with it.

The 4.75 lb turkey is a good amount for 4 of us (four adults), and we usually have enough leftovers for a few more meals afterward.

Overall Rating:
Food: Butterball Boneless Roast Turkey Breast Meat & Gravy
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $12.99 for 4.75 pounds
Rating (Turkey): Delicious (especially if you cook it right!)
Rating (Gravy packet): Good


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