Sabatasso's Deep Dish Pizza Singles

I bought a package of 12 Sabatasso's deep dish pizzas (6 cheese, 6 pepperoni) from Costco.

I microwaved a pepperoni pizza in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The sauce on the pizza was a little sweet but not super sweet, which was good, and the crust on the pizza was soft. The pepperoni also seemed to have a smoky kind of flavor. Overall, the pizza tasted pretty good.

Overall Rating:
Food: Deep Dish Pizza Single (microwaved)
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $7.99 per box of 12 pizzas (promo - reg price is $10.99 per box)
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Sabatasso’s Deep Dish Pizza Singles from Costco (Frozen)

  • Anonymous

    I also purchased a box of 12 thin crust Sabatasso single pizzas (6 pepperoni, 6 cheese) and they are awful. No instructions for conventional bake and cooked in the microwave they are just awful. Where are the good old deep dish pizzas they used to sell? I am thinking of returning the product to Costco.

  • Anonymous

    I’m used to their previous product – 185 gram pepperoni with a multitude of vegetable included – in comparison these new ones are horrible. And we’re being hosed for nearly 1 KG of pizza from what the old packaging was. Reduced the product weight, but didn’t reduce the price to reflect on that. This is my firs and last purchase of these 4 cheese & the peperoni.

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