El Charro Chicken Elegante Cheesecrisp

I tried a Chicken Elegante Cheesecrisp from El Charro Cafe.

The chicken on the cheesecrisps tasted like the usual chicken that comes on pizza. I thought that the avocado tasted pretty good, and the bacon on the cheese crisps went well with the chicken.

It definitely tasted better than a quesadilla to me. I usually get a headache from eating quesadillas, so I was pretty happy that when I tried this quesadilla-like food, I didn't get a headache. I really liked that it was very crispy, and even after warming it up in the microwave and eating it later, the crispiness was still there.

Overall Rating:
Food: Chicken Elegante Cheesecrisp with Bacon & Avocado
Source: El Charro Cafe, Tucson, AZ
Price: $9.95
Rating: Delicious


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