Five Guys Burger

I ate at Five Guys and had a cheeseburger (comes with two burger patties) and fries, along with the free peanuts they have.

The burger was pretty good because you can choose your own toppings. My toppings consisted of cheese, raw onions, pickles, and lettuce. It was delicious, however, the top bun was a little too crispy and toasted for me this time I went there. The bottom bun also gets soggy if you let the burger sit around too long.

The fries were soft, delicious, and had a nice potato taste.

The free peanuts were a little salty, but they were still pretty good.

Update (2013): I have been to Five Guys several more times with my boyfriend since my original review, and it is delicious every single time. I have been to a few different Five Guys restaurants, and they have always been very consistent. When I don't need leftovers, I usually get their "little" cheeseburger (instead of their regular one) because the little cheeseburger is the same size but only has one burger patty, instead of two. But often times we will each get a regular two-patty burger and save the second patty to use with burger buns at home for delicious burgers later! Five Guys is definitely becoming one of our favorite fast-food burger restaurants.

Overall Rating:
Source: Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Tucson, AZ

Food: Cheeseburger (with raw onions, pickles and lettuce)
Price: $5.59 with free toppings
Rating: 1st try - Delicious, multiple tries - Super Delicious

Food: French Fries
Price: $4.49 (Large size)
Rating : Delicious

Food: Peanuts
Price: Free
Rating : Good


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