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Box of Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The frozen Pierre Signatures chicken sandwich was a little sweet and seemed like it was sweetened with teriyaki or something. The chicken patty was a little spongy and didn't really feel like chicken.

It ended up being a little sweet for me, which was a little disappointing since the box just states "Flame-broiled Chicken Breast Patty on a Sesame Seed Bun" and didn't have anything on the front that indicated it's a sweet sandwich. It seems like a lot of times when I get chicken things, they end up being sweeter than expected. So, I would have preferred a more savory chicken sandwich, but it was OK.

However, my boyfriend really likes these sandwiches.... especially with an added slice of black forest ham and exactly three Mt. Olive sweet bread and butter pickles on them.

Overall Rating:
GrubPug Rating: OK, Boyfriend Rating: Good
Food: Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK

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Freddy's Steakburger
Freddy's Steakburger French Fries

Since Freddy's Steakburgers just opened near where I live a few months ago, I decided to go ahead and try it. I ordered a #1 combo meal with cheese, which was the Freddy's Original Double with fries & a drink (Pepsi).

I ordered the burger with no mustard, so it came with just cheese, onion, and pickle. The burger was pretty good. The meat was thin and crispy on the edges. The edges had a sort of salty & burnt taste, but not in a bad way. The pickles were a little bit too salty for me, so I ended up taking one off. Once there was less pickle on the burger, it tasted delicious and not overly salty at all.

The bun was good and wasn't too soggy or crispy. According to Freddy's website, their buns are butter-toasted.

The Freddy's french fries came in a nice cup, which was overflowing with the fries. The fries very thin and crispy and not too salty, and they tasted pretty good.

Overall, both the burger and french fries were delicious. However, I still prefer the taste of a Five Guys burger and In-N-Out french fries to Freddy's.

Overall Rating:
Source: Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Tucson, AZ
Price: $6.99 ($6.49 + .50 for cheese) for Original Double Burger Meal

Food: Freddy's Original Double Steakburger
Toppings: Cheese, onions, pickle, no mustard
Rating: Delicious

Food: Freddy's Fries
Rating: Delicious

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Burger King Burger and Chicken Strips
Burger King Mocha Frappe and Tropical Mango Smoothie

The Tropical Mango Smoothie at Burger King was delicious. It had a nice mango taste and was refreshing. I really liked the texture of the ice in the smoothie.

The Mocha Frappe at Burger King was also delicious, and I don't really like coffee. It was very chocolatey - kind of like a chocolate milkshake with a little bit of a coffee taste. My boyfriend was hoping that there would be more of the coffee and was a little disappointed (which is probably why I liked it), but he still thought it tasted pretty good.

The new chicken strips at Burger King were very good. I thought they weren't as dry as McDonald's chicken strips and weren't overly salty. They kind of tasted like the popcorn chicken at Sonic but in chicken strips form.

I had never had a hamburger from Burger King before and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a hamburger (not a whopper) with just pickles, and it tasted good. I liked that it was more dry and didn't feel super greasy like the burgers at McDonald's. I also liked the bread; it wasn't mushy like many other burgers I have had.

Overall Rating:
Source: Burger King, Tucson, AZ

Food: Tropical Mango Smoothie
Price: $3.29 (large - 20 oz)
Rating: Delicious

Food: Mocha Frappe
Price: $3.29 (large - 20 oz)
Rating: Delicious

Food: Chicken Strips
Price: $0.99 for two (promotion). (Regular price was $2.99 for 3 strips/$4.49 for 5 strips)
Rating: Good

Food: Hamburger (with only pickles)
Price: $0.89 per hamburger
Rating: Good

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