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Firebirds Mixed Green Salad with Chicken

I went to Firebirds, and I tried a mixed green salad with wood grilled chicken added to it.

The grilled chicken on the salad was delicious. It was very well seasoned, and it tasted great. The chicken was also tender and juicy and not dry at all.

The salad came with lettuce, diced tomatoes, sugar roasted pecans, and jicama. I usually ask for dressing on the side with my salad, but this time I forgot to, and the salad came too overdressed with the cilantro-lime vinaigrette. It started out tasting OK, but after eating the salad for a while, it became soggy, and the sweet, limey taste was overpowering. I liked the taste of the dressing, however, there was just way too much of it. Next time, I will definitely not forget to ask for the dressing on the side.

Overall Rating:
Food: Mixed Green Salad with Wood Grilled Chicken
Source: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Tucson, AZ
Price: $12.00 ($7.00 salad, $5.00 chicken added)
Rating (Wood Grilled Chicken): Delicious
Rating (Salad + Dressing): Blegh

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Firebirds BBQ Smokehouse Burger

I had a part of my boyfriend's Smokehouse Burger and french fries from Firebirds as leftovers. The Smokehouse Burger came with BBQ sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and red onion.

I usually don't like burgers with BBQ sauce, however, as leftovers, I loved the Smokehouse Burger. The meat was cooked medium and was pink. The meat was very good, and the sauce didn't overpower the burger. The burger bun also wasn't soggy, and it tasted great.

The french fries that came with it were a little bit dry, but they still tasted pretty good, and they went well with the burger.

Overall Rating:
Food: Smokehouse Burger with Fries (Leftovers)
Source: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Tucson, AZ
Price: $10.50

Rating (Burger): Super Delicious
Rating (French Fries): Good

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Firebirds Grilled Tenderloin Salad

I went to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill for dinner.

The free bread that came with our meal was a soft, warm, and tasty white bread. I ate the bread plain, and it was very good.

I ordered a Grilled Tenderloin Salad and asked for dressing on the side & no bleu cheese crumbles because I don't like my salad over-dressed, and I don't like the taste of bleu cheese. I also asked for the grilled tenderloin to be cooked medium. The steak came out more pink than most other places, which I was actually OK with me, since it was nice, tender, and juicy. The balsamic vinaigrette dressing was nice and sweet, and it went really well with the salad. Overall, I really loved the salad.

Firebirds Chicken Pasta

The Chicken Pasta with Chile Asiago cream sauce had a nice creamy texture. It was just a little bit spicy, which was nice, and the cream sauce wasn't as heavy as other pastas I have had, but it was still pretty filling. The pasta wasn't overcooked, and the bacon bits went well with the pasta, although the bacon did make the pasta a little bit on the salty side.

Overall Rating:
Source: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Tucson, AZ

Food: Bread
Price: Free
Rating: Delicious

Food: Grilled Tenderloin Salad
Price: $14.50
Rating (Salad & Dressing): Super Delicious

Food: Firebirds Chicken Pasta
Price: $11.00
Rating: Good

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