Box of Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The frozen Pierre Signatures chicken sandwich was a little sweet and seemed like it was sweetened with teriyaki or something. The chicken patty was a little spongy and didn't really feel like chicken.

It ended up being a little sweet for me, which was a little disappointing since the box just states "Flame-broiled Chicken Breast Patty on a Sesame Seed Bun" and didn't have anything on the front that indicated it's a sweet sandwich. It seems like a lot of times when I get chicken things, they end up being sweeter than expected. So, I would have preferred a more savory chicken sandwich, but it was OK.

However, my boyfriend really likes these sandwiches.... especially with an added slice of black forest ham and exactly three Mt. Olive sweet bread and butter pickles on them.

Overall Rating:
GrubPug Rating: OK, Boyfriend Rating: Good
Food: Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK



REVIEW – Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco (Frozen)

  • Susie

    Our Costco isn’t selling the Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwiches anymore. Both my husband and my grandchildren love them.
    Where else can I purchase them?
    Please let me know?
    PS I would buy a case if I could find them?

  • Nancy Gebert

    I love the Pierre’s grilled chicken sandwiches. Our Cosco no longer carries them and our Sam’s closed down. Would love to find another source.

  • JP

    Men love this burger. We have lots of scuba diving friends and other men friends, and they all love this burger. Some guys add some condiments, but my husband likes it just the way it is after being cooked. I would rate it Good to Yum.

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