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Box of Maya Kaimal Chicken Roti Wraps from Costco
Packaging of Maya Kaimal Chicken Roti Wraps from Costco
Maya Kaimal Chicken Roti Wraps from Costco cooked
Maya Kaimal Chicken Roti Wraps from Costco on plate

Growing up with some Indian food, I have had roti / rotli / chapati (flatbread) with rice and chicken curry, but never in a wrap. Costco had some frozen Indian-inspired chicken roti wraps with chicken curry and basmati rice inside, which sounded interesting to try. It was quick and easy to cook following the microwave instructions, and the wrap didn't come out overcooked or undercooked in our microwave.

The inside of the roti wrap did have a curry taste, but the curry taste was a little more bland than I expected. The curry was just a little bit spicy, but it wasn't really spicy at all, which was expected since the box says it is mild. The texture of the chicken, rice, and peas on the inside were all fine. The rice is maybe a little mushy, which is to be expected since it's frozen in a sauce. The roti didn't taste a lot like the Indian roti I have had and tasted more like just a regular whole grain tortilla. While it could use more curry taste overall, it still tasted good, and it was nice as a quick snack.

Overall Rating:
Food: Maya Kaimal Chicken Roti Wraps
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Good

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Bag of Trader Joe's Pita Bread
Trader Joe's Pita Bread

I bought some of Trader Joe's pita bread to go with some hummus. After refrigerating the pita bread, I warmed one up for about 10 seconds in the microwave so it was nice and soft.

The pita bread by itself didn't really have much taste and just tasted like bread, but it was good with hummus. It also had sesame seeds on it, and I usually don't like the texture of sesame seeds, but the seeds were pretty minimal and unnoticeable so that was good for me. The pita bread was OK, but it definitely tastes better after adding something to it.

Overall Rating:
Food: Trader Joe's Pita Bread
Source: Trader Joe's, Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK
from Trader Joes

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SourDough Baguette from Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread's sour dough baguette is my new favorite bread!

It is a white bread and has a slight sour dough flavor, which I love. It does have a somewhat hard crust on the outside, and it doesn't get mushy easily, which I also like. It can get a little too hard if you put it in the oven or if you let it sit out, but other than that, it is delicious! It also goes really well with Manchego cheese!

Overall Rating:
Food: Sour Dough Baguette
Source: Beyond Bread, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Delicious

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