El Taco Tote Combo Meal

I ate at El Taco Tote for dinner and had a combo meal with top sirloin tacos on flour tortillas. The meal comes with two tacos, a soft drink, and a side of rice and beans, but I ordered it with only rice since I'm not a fan of beans.

I didn't add any toppings, and the tacos were delicious. There was a little bit of fatty meat, but it was still fine for me. It wasn't dry, and the tortillas were soft and tasty.

The rice on the side wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great, either. The rice was also on the salty side.

The free nachos from the nacho bar were pretty good and had a good crunch.

Overall Rating:
Food: Top Sirloin Tacos Combo Meal (with only rice on the side)
Source: El Taco Tote, Tucson, AZ
Price: $8.49

Rating (Tacos): Super Delicious
Rating (Rice): OK
Rating (Nachos): Good

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Fuddruckers Fish N' Chips

I ate at Fuddruckers for lunch and had their fish n' chips.

The fish was a little greasy but still nice, crispy, and tasty, and it wasn't over-salted. It was better than the fish & chips I've had at Long John Silver's and Culver's.

The chips/french fries were OK, nothing special.

The coleslaw that came with it wasn't very good. It just tasted like mush to me.

UPDATE (2013): I had the Fuddrucker's fish & chips again since I enjoyed it the first time, however, the second time the fish wasn't as good and was a little mushy and too salty. :-(

Overall Rating:
Food: Fish N' Chips
Source: Fuddruckers, Tucson, AZ
Price: $8.99

Rating (Fish): 1st try: Delicious, 2nd try: OK
Rating (Chips): OK
Rating (Coleslaw): Blegh

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