Fuddruckers Fish N' Chips

I ate at Fuddruckers for lunch and had their fish n' chips.

The fish was a little greasy but still nice, crispy, and tasty, and it wasn't over-salted. It was better than the fish & chips I've had at Long John Silver's and Culver's.

The chips/french fries were OK, nothing special.

The coleslaw that came with it wasn't very good. It just tasted like mush to me.

UPDATE (2013): I had the Fuddrucker's fish & chips again since I enjoyed it the first time, however, the second time the fish wasn't as good and was a little mushy and too salty. :-(

Overall Rating:
Food: Fish N' Chips
Source: Fuddruckers, Tucson, AZ
Price: $8.99

Rating (Fish): 1st try: Delicious, 2nd try: OK
Rating (Chips): OK
Rating (Coleslaw): Blegh


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