Oreganos Bollo Angel Hair Pasta with Sausage

I had some of Oregano's Bollo Angel Hair Pasta. It was ordered to-go with marinara sauce and sausage on the side.

Oreganos Bollo Angel Hair Pasta with Sausage

The spicy marinara sauce looks thick, kind of like tomato paste. It isn't actually very spicy at all, and I don't really like the marinara sauce because it is too tangy for me. The angel hair pasta is OK, but nothing special. The sausage is a little spicy, but it is very salty.

I prefer this pasta with very little of the marinara sauce and with Parmesan cheese and sausage added to cut out any sweetness / tangy-ness.

I wouldn't buy this pasta myself -- I would rather buy angel hair pasta and a jar of pasta sauce at the grocery store. However, if you like tangy marinara sauce, then I guess this could be a great pasta for you.

Overall Rating:
Food: The Original Bollo Pasta
Source: Oregano's Pizza Bistro
Price: $10.28 ($6.99 for pasta + $3.29 for side of sausage)
Rating: OK


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