Box of McDonald's Mighty Wings
McDonald's Mighty Wings

I tried some of McDonald's Mighty Wings. They were pretty good -- they seemed pretty big compared to the usual chicken wings, and the breading was nice and crispy. They had 3-piece and 5-piece chicken wings, and I was amazed that 3 pieces were pretty filling for me. They were a little bit spicy but not overwhelmingly spicy, and they weren't overly salty, either.

I tried ordering these again early December, but they said they no longer had them. Where did the Mighty Chicken Wings go? I was sad to see that the limited time offer for the Mighty Wings ended at the end of November... Oh well, maybe one day they will have them out again. At least I got to try them!

Overall Rating:
Food: Mighty Wings
Source: McDonald's, Tucson, AZ
Rating: Delicious


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