KFC Go Cup
KFC GoCup inside Cup Holder

I usually get a chicken tenders/strips and potato wedges meal from KFC, so the new KFC Go-Cup with two crispy chicken tenders + the potato wedges for $2.49 seemed like a pretty good deal. Both their chicken tenders and potato wedges are delicious, although they are a little salty.

The KFC Go Cup fit in my car cupholder perfectly, although I did have some issues trying to put the lid back on after I had eaten some because I was squeezing the bottom of the cup while putting the lid on. Since I had eaten some of it and the cup was lighter, the Go Cup sadly ended up falling out of the cupholder and went on the floor... :(

KFC Go Cup on the floor
My sad KFC Go Cup on the floor.

Anyway, I believe the go cup is a pretty good deal... one cup is enough for a lunch for me... and $2.49 is a great price for lunch! (Just be careful when eating it, so it doesn't fall on the floor...)

Update: I have had the KFC Go Cup a few more times after the first try, and so far, it has only fallen on the floor that one time.

Overall Rating:
Food: Go Cup with Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders
Source: KFC/Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tucson, AZ
Price: $2.49 per Go Cup
Rating: Delicious


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