Box of Frozen Aquastar Crab & Shrimp Seafood Feast
Aquastar Crab & Shrimp Seafood Feast Cooked

We saw this box of crab & shrimp seafood at Fry's (Kroger) and thought it sounded good so we tried some.

The seafood feast comes in a covered aluminum tray, and the cooking directions show that you can cook it in the oven or on the grill from frozen, but the grill is the preferred method, which is what we went with, and it was pretty easy.

While cooking the seafood was fairly easy, eating it was a bit labor intensive since you had to shell both the crab legs and shrimp. Both the crab and shrimp were fine, but I would have preferred more. 2.21 lb of seafood sounds like a lot, but it cooks down to a smaller volume and some of that is the crab leg shells, so it wasn't very much of a feast.

However, it did all taste pretty good with the broth. It was salty, but not excessively so. The broth had a nice, garlic and butter taste. There were 5 discs of corn, which were all nice and super sweet. The sausage tasted good, like a bratwurst. The potatoes were good red potatoes, but they were mushy, which is to be expected for being in a broth. The broth also turned into a sort of slurry with potato starch. There was some red and green pepper bits, but they were very tiny. The mussels also tasted good, but there were some broken pieces of mussel shell lurking underneath some of the other foods.

As an overall meal, it could have used more of everything: more seafood, more sausage, more corn, and more/bigger peppers. It also would have been nice if the shrimp and crab were pre-shelled and if there weren't as many broken mussel shell pieces. I probably would have even preferred artificial crab to having to shell the crab legs. And while I shared the seafood feast with my boyfriend, I probably could have eaten the entire thing by myself.

Overall Rating:
Food: Aquastar Crab & Shrimp Seafood Feast (Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, & Vegetables in a Classic Beer Broth)
Price: $9.99
Source: Fry's Food & Drug Store (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Rating (Seafood & Vegetables): OK
Rating (Broth): Good



REVIEW – Aquastar: Crab & Shrimp Seafood Feast (Frozen)

  • Brenda

    How come Kroger in mi.does not carry them any more.loved them.

  • Lorie

    Loved it! It was great for a quick easy meal! Bought two for my husband and I and was more than enough.

  • Carl Ekstrom

    An above good product. Don’t be a cheap azz, add a few extras for your family!!!

  • Darlene Cook

    Absolutely love this product – have requested Kroger carry it AGAIN – much better than their version – broth has beer in it – I think – I found the quanity small so I added more of everything 2 take advantage of the fantastic broth – cooked it in a big pot – LOVED IT.

  • Evalyn Shingler

    I am so very disappointed with this product. So excited to eat dinner with my husband because we both love seafood sad to say this is a ripped off. This is not good for 4 people I guess this is better for 2 or 1 person only. This is false advertisement from packaging as well. I will not buy or recommend this again. I’d rather go to a buffet with the same amount and be satisfied with the meal.

  • Phyllis

    I want my money back!!!! That’s how awful this frozen meal is!!! The sausage was a funky grey color and the texture was rubbery. I wouldn’t even taste it based on its appearance. The crab, shrimp and mussels were overdone. The potatoes were reduced to mush sitting in the sauce. I threw it away!!! :(


    I love this! Saw it and bought one to try with little hope of really liking it. It was great! Enough for 2…I sprinkled lightly a little old bay once removing the lid. I am in love!

  • Graham

    Sorry, but no. Looked good on the box, but the product doesn’t measure up. It’s a precooked dish — you’re just heating it up in the oven or grill, and it tastes like it. The shrimp were mostly shell and overdone. The crab, well there was hardly any meat in most of the crablegs.
    When the sausage is the best part of a seafood medley, you know there is a problem.

  • Roger Sullivan

    I grew up in San Francisco, and as any one knows it is known for it’s sea foods, so when seeing this was a Seattle product and very much like a sea food stew, I purchased it with high hopes
    I was utterly disappointed, to be honest, I would not feed this to my dog and thankfully I do not have a dog.
    And to answer your question, did I prepare it right YES
    Very sorry that it turned out like this because I would of welcomed a good sea food product, Portland has NO restaurants that can prepare a decent sea food dinner
    Yours: Roger D. Sullivan

  • Gene Howe

    My wife and I loved it. Planning on stocking up for our freezer.

  • Tee

    All I can say is “yummy!”

  • Debra

    I love it.. very tasty😊

  • Harvey Jansma

    Way too much sausage. Keep it as a SEAFOOD FEAST.

  • Lisa

    The feast is AWESOME, glad Krogers in MI brought it back for the summer. I just purchased 4 boxes😃😄😄!!!!

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