Healthy Choice BBQ Steak with Red Potatoes Packaging
BBQ Steak with Red Potatoes

I cooked this frozen meal following the microwave instructions.

The beef was nice and tender, but it was a little grisly. There weren't a lot of pieces of beef, either (maybe 6 pieces). The corn tasted fine, but the potatoes were mushy and tasted overcooked.

The BBQ sauce tasted more just like a sweet sauce rather than a BBQ sauce. There wasn't a lot of the sauce, but that could be a good thing because it might have been too sweet with more of the sauce.

After I ate this meal, I still had to go find something else to eat because it wasn't very satisfying.

Overall Rating:
Food: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Top Chef BBQ Seasoned Steak with Red Potatoes
Source: Albertson's, Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: OK


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REVIEW – Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers: Barbeque Seasoned Steak with Red Potatoes (Frozen)

  • Berg

    I have been eating cafe steamers for a while because they just have uncharacteristically great taste for microwaveable meals. Still, the meals were somewhat typical, until I tasted the barbecue steak and potatoes. I can have big pieces of steak in sweet and tangy barbecue sauce with perfect corn and good ol potatoes. I can eat some really GREAT food without sacrificing empty calories or an ounce of masculinity. It would be awesome if Healthy Choice rolled out more basic and down home types of meals like this one.

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