Carvel Ice Cream Cake Box
Carvel Ice Cream Cake
Inside of Carvel Ice Cream Cake
Slice of Carvel Ice Cream Cake

I had a coupon that expired at the end of January for a Carvel ice cream cake, so I decided to use it at Fry's (Kroger). The ice cream cake I got was just one of their smaller, ordinary cakes (not a holiday or football themed one). The directions on the box state to thaw the cake in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes after being frozen, but I ate it without thawing it since I prefer harder ice cream.

The whipped icing on top was lighter than some icings/frostings, and it isn't too sweet. The vanilla layer of the cake also didn't have an overwhelmingly rich vanilla flavor. The chocolate part tasted just like chocolate ice cream and had some crumbly bits, however, the bottom chocolate layer of the cake did melt quickly. The cake was a nice, delicious treat.

Overall Rating:
Food: Carvel Lil'Love Ice Cream Cake
Source: Fry's Food & Drug Store (Kroger), Tucson, AZ
Price: $8.99 after coupon, $10.99 reg price
Rating: Delicious


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