Top of Azumagourmet Calamari Salad
Azuma gourmet Calamari Salad

I have never had calamari salad before so I didn't really know what to expect when I tried this calamari salad from Costco.

I liked the sweet taste of the calamari, and the calamari had a nice, soft and chewy texture. The combination of vegetables like the mushrooms, red peppers, and lettuce stems created a good crunch. The overall salad had a sweet, vinegar-y and ginger-y taste, and it was good, but I would have preferred less ginger.

Overall Rating:
Food: Azuma Gourmet Calamari Salad
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Price: $11.49 per container
Rating: Good



REVIEW – Azumagourmet: Calamari Salad from Costco

  • Carson Varnum

    Thanks, Carson Varnum for

  • Nikki

    I took a chance on this calamari salad, and I’m glad I did! It’s delicious and perfectly spiced. I love the peppers. I’m not sure if it contains seaweed or not, but the taste is very good. I hope this isn’t one of those Costco items that suddenly disappears from inventory.

  • robert

    I loved the calamari salad . love the texture, all the spices , it is great ! Thank you

  • No way

    RUBBERY! it was fantastic… What are you doing, cooking it for? sheesh.

  • Valerie L. Levy

    Where can I buy Azuma Calamari Salad?

    • No way

      call or e-mail the manufacturer, ask them who buys it for distribution…

  • Valerie L. Levy

    Where can I buy Azuma Gourmet Calamari Salad? Costco no longer carries it. Bring it back!!!

  • Felicia

    Delicious , right balance of flavors . I ate it cold with rice ( seasoned w a little of Maggi ) .

  • Sam

    This calamari salad is delicious. If you’re not accustom to,the rubbery consistency of squid then don’t buy it. Octopus and calamari are very healthy and this salad is very enjoyable cusine. Try it you’ll like it!
    It’s unfortunate that Costco in my area no longer carries it. I keep asking to bring it back without any luck. BRING IT BACK!

  • S

    The calamari was tough and rubbery. It was everything that causes people to hate squid. I’ve made fresh calamari salad… Apparently YOU haven’t.
    This was disgusting and is in my trash. I will NEVER buy it again.
    Apparently, it must be served immediately or it overcooks into rubber bands.

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