Box of Trader Joe's Butternut Squash & Creamed Spinach Gratin
Trader Joe's Butternut Squash & Creamed Spinach Gratin

I tried some of the Butternut Squash and Creamed Spinach Gratin from Trader Joe's. These appear to be a seasonal item at Trader Joe's that's usually available towards the end and beginning of each year.

The back of the box states, "Imagine making a non-meat lasagna with thinly sliced butternut squash in place of pasta and layered with flavorful creamed spinach and Parmesan cheese."

That actually didn't sound very appealing to me... I like lasagna-type foods, and I like squash, spinach, and cheese, but the idea of them all combined into one thing sounded gross. I will note someone else bought this, as I probably wouldn't have bought it on my own to try.

Even though it didn't sound very appealing, we still prepared it using the microwave instructions and gave it a taste.

At the very least, I was expecting to be able to taste the Parmesan cheese or the sweetness from the squash, but, unfortunately, it was all overwhelmed by a bad, sour taste... it kind of tasted like a sour quiche or something (I do not like quiche, by the way...). Both my boyfriend and I thought it was pretty disgusting. Oddly, one person we shared it with said it was his favorite dish. Shudder. I don't think I will eat this ever again.

Update: SO... I was wrong about never eating this again. My boyfriend's parents bought this again as a side for another meal so I ended up trying it a second time... and this time it was delicious! It was sweet with a little cheesy taste and wasn't super sour like the other box I had. I guess something might have gone bad with the first box?

Another Update: I had more of this since it was delicious last time, but sometimes it doesn't taste as sweet. Sometimes it's delicious, and sometimes it's more bland and just not as good.

Overall Rating:
Food: Trader Joe's Butternut Squash & Creamed Spinach Gratin
Source: Trader Joe's, Tucson, AZ
Rating: 1st try: Disgusting, 2nd try: Delicious, Subsequent tries: Inconsistent (Sometimes delicious, sometimes OK)
from Trader Joes


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