Box of Handy's frozen Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Handy Maryland Style Crab Cake on a plate

My boyfriend and I saw a box of these frozen Handy Maryland Style Crab Cakes at Costco.

The box comes with three sets of two crab cakes, packaged individually (a total of six crab cakes):

Handy Maryland Style Crab Cakes Inside Packaging
Inside packaging for Handy's frozen Maryland Style Crab Cakes

For the two of us, we cooked four cooked crab cakes, following the oven / baking instructions on the box. However, the instructions state to cook it for 22 minutes in the oven at 350F from frozen, flipping it once. We cooked it for 22 minutes at 350F, and they looked very pale, so we continued cooking it longer. We cooked it for 30 minutes, and it still didn't look done… eventually, we cooked it for a total of 47 minutes, and it was a little browned by then.

Despite cooking it in the oven for more than twice as long as the stated directions, it still wasn't very crisp on the outside. The crab cakes were small-ish, and the main taste was crab and mayonnaise... with a little breadcrumb and black pepper.

Although it was mushy on the inside, I liked that I could taste the crab and see it, and there seemed to be a decent amount of it. However, the mayonnaise taste was very prominent - a little too prominent for me.

My boyfriend and I shared three of the four crab cakes we made - we didn't feel like finishing a fourth one, so we saved that one for later in the refrigerator (even though we were still a little hungry after eating three crab cakes.)

Overall Rating:
Food: Handy: Handmade & Gluten Free Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Source: Costco, Tucson, AZ
Rating: OK



REVIEW – Handy: Maryland Style Crab Cakes (Frozen)

  • Buttockss

    Tastes fishy, very smealy like a prostatute in a orgay

  • Zoe McCollum

    LOVED the crabcakes…..Raised in Maryland and they are just like we had them…We at pure crabmeat with seasonings sautéd in just a little butter.

    Usually they are NOT crispy or hard….unless there is filler like bread etc.

  • Z McCollum

    we ate the crabcakes twice as we had divided the box.
    Liked the fact that they were packaged in twos so you didn’t have to eat them all at once.

    Baked as directed. So tasty. I’m from Maryland and they cooked up just like the real ones do….Did not expect them to be hard on the outside.


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