Jar of Chongga Kimchi
Chongga Kimchi with Rice

I saw Chongga's kimchi while shopping at Albertson's and decided to try some. I grew up eating rice and kimchi so kimchi is nothing new for me.

This cabbage kimchi wasn't too spicy or sour, and it tasted delicious. It had the right amount of sour, sweetness, and spice. The kimchi was a little soft but still had some crunch to it. I ate the kimchi with rice, but it was also good enough to be eaten by itself.

My boyfriend, who hasn't really eaten much kimchi before, also enjoyed it. One time when we got McDouble burgers from McDonald's, he added the Chongga kimchi to his burger, and he thought it was pretty good that way, too.

Overall Rating:
Food: Chongga Kimchi
Source: Albertson's, Scottsdale, AZ
Rating: Delicious


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